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Happyland Audiobooks and The Mindful Meditation Series (TM) Announce The Release of The Mermaid Manifesto

The Mermaid Manifesto guided meditation was created to initiate a sense a peace.

The narrated meditation audiobook will be released on April 26, 2022, on Audible, Spotify and all other major audio platforms

REDONDO BEACH, CA, USA, April 19, 2022 / -- — Happyland Audiobooks and The Mindful Meditation Series announce the release of the Mermaid Manifesto on April 26 on Audible, Spotify, and all major audio platforms.

Of the release says President of Happlyland Audiobooks, “We created Happyland Audiobooks to empower storytellers and connect them with listeners. Mermaid Manifesto is author Ileana Landon’s first book in her series of The Mindful Meditation where she connects listeners with their minds, bodies, and souls throughout a journey of relaxation and self-awareness. We look forward to rolling out additional books from Ms. Landon’s series as they are being produced for the public.”

The Mermaid Manifesto is written by Ileana Landon and narrated by Hanna Ferber, produced by Lucas Fackler.

Of the release says author, Ileana Landon, “For many years now I’ve tried to live my life by the quote, “If you’re not willing to do the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” -Jim Rohn. To me, the mundane and the ordinary is quite boring so I try to inject life, beauty, color, grace, and calm into my life however I can. This quote has helped me decorate my home, plan my garden, and of course write this mystical mix of the Tale (and Tail!) of the Mermaid in the Mermaid Manifesto which contains an easy and practical 11 step approach to living a life that I hope brings beauty, grace, and calm for those who are interested by this concept.”

The Mermaid Manifesto is the first in a series of beautifully narrated meditations with this first one recorded over Christmas and New Year’s during the peak of the pandemic. Voice talent Hannah Ferber’s soothing voice delivers the comforting words Ileana wrote as the VO and is accompanied by original music brilliantly composed by Lucas Fackler, a composer and producer Ileana met by working at Megatrax Production Music in Hollywood as the head of the radio division.

The Mermaid Manifesto will guide you through meditations and affirmations as well as mindfulness techniques that will strengthen your awareness of breath, create a sense of calm, and help you find your authenticity. It will remind you of the importance of natural movement and exercise, enable you to forgive yourself and others, and guide you on how to achieve loving kindness towards yourself and others. The Mermaid Manifesto will grant you an attitude of gratitude and envelop you with a greater sense of happiness and, who knows, perhaps even transform you into a real-life Mermaid?

About the author: Professionally, Ileana is a sales executive for Megatrax Production Music and has also founded two PR and marketing agencies that are still operational and are under the care of other individuals. Her creative nuances can be observed via her photography website and a monthly podcast she hosts for sound media professionals produced by her employer called TrailBlazers. She loves to travel and fully appreciates the value of experiencing other cultures. She incorporates these experiences into the Mermaid Manifesto.

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