Swanky Space Squad Launches the Next Generation of NFTs Where Tangibility Rules

Swanky Space Squad NFT Artwork

The project focuses on building a transformative blockchain experience blending community collaboration and access to real-world assets like gold and diamonds

Ideas are cheap, we are actually building something real.”
— Charles Butler
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- While blockchain technology is growing in popularity and NFTs are skyrocketing in value, the ecosystem is plagued by several challenges, including empty promises, anonymous creators, and scams. One new NFT project, Swanky Space Squad, is out to change that with its transparent, community-based approach to NFTs and by giving its community members access to real-world assets like gold, silver, and diamonds.

Swanky Space Squad (SSS) is a collection of NFTs featuring 8,000 aliens from Gem Planet looking for a new home on earth. NFT holders will belong to an exclusive club seeking community collaboration and innovation with the mutual goal of improving the NFT and Web3 space.

The project was founded by visionary Dr. Charles Butler, MD, OLY. In addition to his work as a part-time physician, Butler has a jewelry manufacturing facility and online store. He spends countless hours researching and involving himself in diverse NFT communities and studying blockchain technology. Butler competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics and developed the world's first free-market telemedicine software solution--VideoMedicine, Inc. With a resume that is nothing short of impressive, Butler is now lending his visionary leadership to the NFT space to transform the way assets are created, traded, and valued.

For the past year, Butler has immersed himself in all things NFT and blockchain to develop the concept for his project. He has also built a strong team behind him along the way consisting of cutting-edge developers, artists, logisticians, and marketers. With SSS, Butler envisions an ecosystem where collaboration rules and community members work together to reimagine the NFT space. As the project launches, Butler will recruit community members interested in transforming the Web3 space with NFT dominance through value-based development. People already interested in joining include leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, rocket scientists, small-business owners, musicians, doctors, artists, lawyers, firefighters, students, and so many more. They share the dream of coming together to drive this revolutionary project.

“The secret to success is supportive teamwork,” said Butler. “All who want to be part of this visionary project are welcome to join it, making it truly a project by the people for the people, the way blockchain should be.”

In addition to its collaborative approach in building its NFT collection, SSS plans to align itself with icons in the fashion and fitness world. Butler’s first commitment is to bring his jewelry manufacturing company Charles Jewelry into the mix, giving all SSS’s NFT holders access to diamonds and jewelry at the manufacturer's prices. In a novel approach, Jewelry Access Certificates will be airdropped to NFT holders' digital wallets.

This perk, giving members access to tangible assets, alone cements SSS's place in the second-generation NFT category--an NFT with real utility. Depending on which jewelry pieces an investor purchases, they could save anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars or more on fine jewelry. “Ideas are cheap, we are actually building something real,” said Butler, as he insists this is just the beginning.

"It's easy to connect the dots and see how much an SSS NFT could be worth if it saves someone a fortune buying jewelry," Butler noted. "Jewelry is only the beginning of an aggressive roadmap that ranges from diamond and jewelry perks to in-person experiences, all the way to Metaverse with 3D avatars. You never know what will come with SSS. You might soon see Swanky Sneakers, socks, slacks, and shirts in the near future, all while eating a Swanky Sandwich.”

Minting for SSS is coming June 2022 and will launch at 0.20 ETH.

To learn more about how Swanky Space Squad aims to reimagine the intersections of everyday people and NFTs through real-world assets, visit SwankySpaceSquad.com or follow the project on Twitter and Instagram.

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