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2021 Projection Times Outstanding Brand Award:The perfect conclusion to the 2021 Dangbei

Dangbei projector market share ranks No.2 in the industry

Dangbei projector market share ranks No.2 in the industry

Dangbei alunching Mars Pro 4k Projector

Dangbei alunching Mars Pro 4k Projector

Dangbei wins a lot of international awards

Dangbei wins a lot of international awards

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector feature

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector feature

In 2021, except from the new growth in the market share, Dangbei make a great breakthrough in the technological innovation of the product and set up an example.

NEW YORK, UNITES STATES, April 13, 2022 / -- Dangbei, an Internet enterprise starting from large-screen software development, moved its step into the hardware market. Since then, Dangbei started exploring the new space of smart projectors and smart TV boxes. Based on its strength and advantages in software development, it has been quickly marching towards the leading projector brand in China. In 2021, except for the new growth in the market share, Dangbei also make a great breakthrough in the technological innovation of the product and set up an example for the whole industry.

Currently, Dangbei was awarded the "2021 Projection Times Outstanding Brand Award" at the "Projection Times Large Screen Festival 2021" (hereinafter referred to as "PJ Festival") for its 2021 smart box and smart projector hardware products, which have a forward-looking "driving effect" on the "high-quality development and consumer upgrade" of the Chinese industry. Whether it's a smart box or smart projector, Dangbei is increasingly becoming a "new top brand" in the relevant domestic market. The year 2021 will be a time of "qualitative change and upgrade" for Dangbei's hardware brand heritage.

Product innovation to give a new Dangbei in 2021

After a 3-year effort, Dangbei has formed a complete product series of smart projectors. From high-end series like Dangbei X3 and Dangbei NEW F3 to cost-effective and portable models like Dangbei D3X and Dangbei C2, Dangbei has been keeping differentiating from core indicators like brightness to price positioning and covering the fixed cinema to portable mobile projectors. This provides a "quantitative basis" for Dangbei to improve its market position in the industry.

Time tells. Dangbei smart projectors ushered in a "qualitative change" moment in 2021. On April 8, Dangbei held the 2021 Spring New Product Conference in Hangzhou, officially launching the annual pivotal new product Dangbei X3 Laser Projector.

Dangbei X3 Laser Projector originally adopts ALPD laser display technology, breaking the tradition of using mainly LED light sources for smart projectors. Projector industry experts say the advantages of laser display in brightness performance make the Dangbei X3 "one of the most powerful smart projectors of 2021". With a brightness of 3200 ANSI lumens, Dangbei X3 wins the top of smart projector brightness, breaking the bottleneck of LED smart projector brightness which is limited to 2500 lumens.

"Buying projection is buying brightness"! Brightness improvement is the core fulcrum of projection performance improvement. Dangbei X3 brings the era of high brightness, pushing the home projection screen to a higher level of "high-quality visual experience". This product also allows the Dangbei brand to further widen the performance gap with its competitors and occupy the "top of the pyramid" position in the Chinese high-end intelligent projection market.
On the whole, " push the boundaries" is the highlighted feature of Dangbei hardware's "new products" in 2021. Dangbei has been the "top stream of innovation" for Chinese projector products, both in terms of functionality and brightness, representing the future trend of change in the industry.

Market confirmation to form a superior Dangbei

Whether in smart boxes or smart projectors, the demand is heading in an advanced and intelligent direction. From customer portrait, smart TV boxes and smart projectors are both "complementary consumption in the home audio-visual market". But why complementary? Because the traditional color TV products "can not" meet the demand. The smart box and projector are to do the addition of demand, to meet the demand for upgrading. That is, smart boxes and smart projectors are a natural high-end market. Dangbei is well aware of this. For this reason, Dangbei hardware has always had " more premium" market growth as a business goal.

Dangbei's smart projector market sales almost doubled again in 2021, based on the fact that the growth rate of the smart projector industry declined again in 2021 and that November, the "Double 11" season, saw the first time in history that the industry growth rate was less than 20%. In November 2021, Dangbei projector online sales increased by 60% year-on-year, one of the highest increases among mainstream brands in the industry and well above the industry's 17% year-on-year growth.

Dangbei's outstanding achievement in 2021 also allows Dangbei to achieve another jump in the market position of intelligent projectors: from 2020-to 2021, Dangbei achieves nearly 10 times growth in two years and becomes one of the top three in the industry. Especially in the high-end market, Dangbei is even more dazzling: according to RUNTO data, in the first half of 2021, among projection products with 3000 ANSI lumens or more, Dangbei X3 occupies the largest share of the market as the key model, with its market share reaching 53.7%.

In addition to its success in the market, 2021 has been a year of "brand image" for Dangbei, with numerous international awards: Japan Good Design Award, the most authoritative and influential design award in Asia, known as the "Oscars of Oriental Design" - which allows Dangbei to wear the G-Mark, a symbol of excellence in product design; 2021 IAI Design Award - Excellence in Digital Media Design; The German Reddot Award; A' Design Award (Italy) - Bronze Medal in the category of video and broadcast equipment design; and the iF Industrial Design Award, Germany.

As Dangbei's flagship projector, the Dangbei X3 has also won many awards. Dangbei X3 is the first one in China to get TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification; the only one in the industry to win the "2021 China Video Industry Association Technology Innovation Award Product Award" at the 17th China Audio-Video Industry Conference (AFV) in 2021; the winner of the "2021 Product of the Year" award at the 2021 China Big Screen Cloud Game Ecology Innovation Summit, supported by the China Video Association, 5G Cloud Game Industry Alliance, and sponsored by the Electric Technology Network.

At the same time, Dangbei also won the "2021 Most Trusted Emerging Brand Award" from Jingdong, the "Outstanding Cooperation Award" from China Unicom Partner Conference 2021, and the chief partner of the movie "Sheep Without a Shepherd II ", which was produced by Chen Sicheng and directed by Dai Mo and starred Xiao Yang, Ren Dahua, Wen Yongsan, Chen Yuri, Song Yang, and Li Zhiting.

Dangbei is a latecomer, but hardly out of a leading role! Industry experts point out that Dangbei's ability to accelerate growth in a highly mature industry, even in the adversity of "low market demand for third-party brands" over the past three years, demonstrates the scientific nature of Dangbei's "high-end orientation and quality first" strategy. "Future needs and future thrones are based on innovation today", and it is with this stance that Dangbei is leading through its products and thus achieving extraordinary growth results in 2021.

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