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Statistics Show an 84% Increase in Back Pain During First Year of the Pandemic




back pain

back pain

Since the Pandemic started, back pain has surged throughout our society. Working remotely, unfortunately, comes with both its perks and challenges.

CARLSBAD, CA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 / -- There’s no question that the pandemic took a toll on our society emotionally, mentally, and physically. Statistics show that in the first year of COVID-19, there was an 84% increase in back pain. The majority of people were working from home and not moving their bodies very much. Stagnation is a contributing factor to physical decline over time. Our bodies require movement to retain our health and strength. Countless people that had never worked from home before were now hardly leaving the house.

Back pain surged across our society as more people spent large chunks of time sitting on their computers at home for work. Over time, we became accustomed to this lifestyle. Unfortunately, so did our bodies. Lower back pain increased substantially in adults between the ages of 25 and 40 because of working remotely. Of course, other factors like gyms being closed may have also contributed to the increased levels of back pain.

To combat this, people started trying alternative healthcare solutions to help them treat their back pain. For example, adults started visiting the chiropractor more often to experience lower back pain relief throughout the pandemic. Chiropractic care, along with acupuncture and massage therapy, were utilized by many remote workers in an effort to stay healthy. Additionally, remote workers started exercising creatively at home. For a short time, there were dumbbell and exercise equipment shortages across the United States. People were prioritizing their health in any possible way that they could.

Depending on your circumstances, there could be even more hurdles that you had to deal with during the first year of the pandemic. For example, pregnant women now had to sit at home for long periods of time instead of walking around outside during certain lockdown periods. Pregnant women typically deal with back pain on a good day. When you throw a pandemic on top of that, back pain is hard to avoid. Prenatal chiropractic care became more popular as women searched for any outlet that could provide back pain relief. Fortunately, chiropractic care remained essential in many places around the United States during most of the pandemic.

People that were forced to continue working remotely after the first year of the pandemic likely started to invest in their homes as an office. Creative standing desks and new furniture pieces were implemented into homeowners' layouts when redesigning their new home workplace. Thankfully, technology continues to progress and make working remotely easier and more comfortable. WIFI speeds continue to increase and computer processors get faster.

For better or for worse, we are always connected by our technology. It can make work easier to do at home but also add more stress since you can always do ‘more’ work. Regardless of how demanding or not your job is, make sure that you prioritize your health. It’s easy to fall into bad habits and forget to take care of your body when in a different routine. Flex your creative muscles when designing your schedule for working from home. This can help you stay fit and avoid back pain.

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