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“Our current education system cannot be improved with copied, unrealistic, and needless ideas.” - Dr. Prakash Bhosale

Dr. Prakash Bhosale guiding the students

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 8, 2022 / -- While speaking with the undergraduate students in an event organized by the Mumbai students’ forum Dr. Prakash Bhosale drew everyone's attention to important news. A faculty association affiliated with a reputed University has reported that the revised curriculum for the university's undergraduate degree program contains large amounts of plagiarism. These materials were created by Universities from other countries.

The UGC has published strict regulations against plagiarizing and is committed to maintaining academic standards. Despite that, two foreign universities have claimed that the Guidelines published by them were plagiarized exactly. This issue has been referred to the UGC's expert committee that drafted the framework. There may have been some lapses, which is a major issue, according to the UGC spokesperson.

Dr. Prakash Bhosale said, “Curriculum requirements in higher education in the country raise concerns. Our current education system cannot be improved with copied, unrealistic, and needless ideas. Socioeconomic development relies heavily on having a top-notch higher education policy in the modern era because it improves both individual and social well-being. Additionally, it aids in the development of humankind in ethical, societal, cultural, intellectual, economic, and spiritual realms.”

He continued, “Firstly, plagiarization is an act of stealing intellectual property. If you want to strengthen the education system of your country, first of all, we have to stop imitating the education system of other countries. An education system is an integral part of the country as a whole. A country's interests are served by its education system, and it emphasizes values. It's not a good idea to impose the educational model of another country onto our country, which has very different values. This is because the value system of that country would probably conflict with our education system.”

Dr. Prakash Bhosale is a renowned educational columnist and writer who delivers many lectures on online education and MBA Project Consultation in Mumbai to university students, corporate employees, and student groups across Mumbai and Maharashtra.

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