Young Entrepreneur Joseph Levy Shares His Insight on What Made Him a Success at Owning the Digital Space

Joseph Levy, Entrepreneur

After a successful startup journey, Joseph Levy looks for next business opportunity within the digital marketing space.

At the heart of all of our endeavors was a drive to create something useful for the clients, which helps drive their own businesses.”
— Joseph Levy, Entrepreneur
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 5, 2022 / -- In just six years, Joseph Levy took his marketing company GTL Marketing from an idea to an eight-figure business.

With that experience behind him, he is now looking for his next entrepreneurial endeavor. And with a history of successful business management and creation under his belt, it will surely not be long before his talents have once again created a successful operation.

“I have always been fascinated with business and solving puzzles,” Levy said. “And with my experience launching and running GTL Marketing, I have the experience to create world-class solutions to business marketing needs.”

During his time running the company, he said he worked with many brands of all sizes in both the direct-to-consumer and business-to-business marketplaces.

“We really did it all,” Levy said. “We created a top-tier marketing and PR firm from scratch. But at the heart of all of our endeavors was a drive to create something useful for the clients, which helps drive their own businesses. Now I am looking for something to grab on to that is as rewarding and fulfilling as GTL Marketing was.”

“After managing over $41 million in advertising spend and running my own business,” he continued. “I have learned what it takes to succeed, but most importantly, I have gained valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t to increase leads and revenue. Sharing that information and helping owners become successful beyond their wildest dreams really drives everything I do.”

The trick, he said, is to not work to market a brand but rather to identify a goal and work every angle to find the best outcomes.

“I always look to see how I can help businesses position themselves through constant visibility within their core market to grab market share,” Levy said. “And then we work to keep them coming back.”

“When you apply everything I have learned into developing marketing for a business, the results speak for themselves,” he continued. “Data never lies.”

Using sophisticated data analysis from multiple modalities, connecting the dots to create an effective marketing strategy is an exciting avenue to pursue in the marketing field.

“In 2022, it is easier than ever to identify what works for a brand and what doesn’t,” Levy said. “It’s knowing how to find and analyze that data that’s sets me apart from so many others working in the marketing industry right now.”

He said by focusing on market intelligence through mining the dimensions of intent, he can compile more complete and accurate consumer insights.

“There is often a disconnect between what the consumer desires and what the business offers,” Levy said. “I have learned how to weed out the data that doesn’t matter to a potential customer and instead draw an easy connection to what they are looking for.”

When the mission and data point are analyzed together, he said it becomes a robust marketing tool.

“Diving into key performance indicators, extrapolating the data, and sending the client toward a successful campaign is why I work in the marketing space,” Levy said. “The last year has been lucrative and educational. Now I look forward to finding my next avenue to connect clients with efficient and effective marketing across the ever-changing media landscape.”

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