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American Brand Newyorkjewelrys Introduces Dainty Opal Necklace on Etsy

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, April 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Opal is used as a gemstone in jewelry, as it gives beautiful iridescent sparkles. The most beautiful species are mined in Hungary. Because it is found in a wide variety of bright colors, it is named flaming opal, scaly opal, and oriental opal. A species found in Mexico is known in the trade as fire opal, honey opal, and flame opal; This opal, which is red, orange and sometimes Greenish yellow, shimmers in fiery red tones. The type of opal we use in this necklace is called "White Opal". Normally, pure opal is colorless. Irregularities in the structure of opal give it its background color. Iron, manganese oxide and organic carbon added to the structure can add a creamy, orangish and black color to opal. The stone known as milky opal contains air bubbles.

Opal can occur in many geological environments: It usually requires igneous or volcanic rocks, but any silicate rock can also form. Silica globules are formed as a result of rock-water interaction processes. The presence of a warm water source accelerates these processes. However, a very high temperature is also not required. For the formation of silica globules, an acidic environment other than warm water, the presence of clays in the environment and even bacterial life may be sufficient. These water sources carrying silica globules can seep through cracks in rocks, channels in lava or cracks in a fossilized tree and accumulate here. The diameters of the globules may change during this precipitation; This causes the color of the reflected light to change. The colorful opal stone formed as a result of this process becomes very valuable. According to the calculations, 5 million years is required for the accumulation of 1 centimeter opal in the regions of the world 40 meters deep from the earth. Opalin Magical properties This stone of deceptive hopes and dreams, secret passions, and superstitions, is the favorite stone of sorcerers and alchemists. Opal intensifies intuition and encourages inspiration. Opals help remember past lives. The magical properties are related to the color of the stone and Opal has many of its magical properties since the colors are very diverse. For example, Opal, on the one hand, is a stone of sympathy and compassion, on the other hand, a stone of thieves, Nurses and Doctors are not a guardian, but can explain their souls and thoughts and also cause their wearer to act stupid. People with unstable characters would better avoid wearing Opal. To enhance the magical properties of the opal, this should be mounted in gold or silver. Opal reaches its maximum strength in October.

This silver necklace can be a wonderful wedding gift or Mother’s Day gift. This product, which emerged as a versatile, minimal and cool daily necklace, will be the best gift option for brides and bridesmaids at weddings. It will also be an elegant piece that will complement your stylish combination on birthdays, anniversaries and special days. This piece is fine chains alone or available in our ETSY shop, it looks stunning when stacked perfectly with many necklaces of different lengths, such as pendants and chokers! The design of our ETSY store has been developed to make it easier for you to access and purchase visual and written information of our products within categories such as personalized, women, men (Valentine's Day, Special Days, Anniversary).

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