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Two books to understand the Ecuadorian architecture of the 21st century

Portada del libro Arquitectura XXI. Obras ecuatorianas destacadas 2000-2021. Publicado por Trama Ediciones. Quito Ecuador

Libro Arquitectura XXI. Obras ecuatorianas destacadas 2000-2021. Trama Ediciones. Quito Ecuador

Libro Casas XXI. Arquitectura Ecuatoriana contemporanea 2000-2020. Trama Ediciones. Quito, Ecuador.

Libro Casas XXI. Arquitectura Ecuatoriana contemporanea 2000-2020. Trama Ediciones. Quito, Ecuador.

3 libros de arquitectura contemporánea ecuatoriana editados por Trama Ediciones en Quito, Ecuador.

3 libros de arquitectura contemporánea ecuatoriana editados por Trama Ediciones en Quito, Ecuador.

Trama Ediciones presents two volumes with more than one thousand one hundred pages and 250 works of contemporary architecture, authored by Rómulo Moya Peralta

QUITO, PICHINCHA, ECUADOR, March 30, 2022 / -- Trama Ediciones in a great editorial display has just published two volumes with the main works of contemporary architecture carried out in Ecuador between the years 2000 and 2021. Its author is Rómulo Moya Peralta, an architect who directs Trama, one of the most important Latin American architecture magazines. .

The first volume, Casas XXI of 534 pages, presents a selection of 125 single-family homes distributed in different regions of Ecuador. Works by architects who, due to their production, have stood out in these first two decades of the 21st century.

The selected professionals belong to different generations; The complex is made up of architects with a long career in the 20th century, by transitional architects, that is, they began their production in the last decade of the last century and continued strongly in this century; and by architects who did it in the 21st century.
Likewise, the book exhibits works of individual production and also of architecture studios, some that combine different generations and others, made up of young architects. This allows to have a more complete panorama of the national architectural work, of the precursors of the architecture of this century and of the new generations that knew how to take the post.

The second volume, Architecture XXI, of 586 pages, exposes in its pages 133 works of architecture that express searches and realities, constituting an important panorama of architecture in diverse functional typologies and in different geographical areas of the Ecuadorian territory.

The exercise of architecture in Ecuador in the two decades that have elapsed has multiple actors and diverse fields of action, particularly in the particular professional practice, in the free exercise of the profession in response to public and private initiatives. Based on this consideration, the book assesses the set of these interventions and activities in the understanding that the results expressed in the built work, although they have as their original and fundamental point the creativity and design capacity of the architect, in this they interact and influence a series of particular circumstances that have to do with both the moment and the environment, place, regulations, cultural values, theoretical influences, training, etc.

The work identifies the architect and expresses circumstances and influences. For this reason, in the first place, the book considers the work for its social acceptance, given the services it provides to the community and based on the value and importance it has achieved, for example, by being recognized in contests and biennials. of architecture, being part of the study at universities, deserving other awards, having been published in books or magazines, and at the same time, for having a singular presence and giving vitality to the place where it is located, etc., and there, from the projected and built work, you reach the architects.

About the Author: Rómulo Moya Peralta (Argentina, 1964) . He is an architect, critic, graphic designer, photographer and publisher. He is the general director of Trama, a center for the diffusion of Ecuadorian architecture, a design studio and a publishing house. He is a member of CICA, International Committee of Architectural Critics. He has been working since 1983 in the area of ​​communication, design and architecture. He directs Trama, a multidisciplinary center dedicated to publishing, design, history and architectural criticism, as well as the study of design, art and photography. As an editor he has made hundreds of books, many of them have received international awards. As an author he has published numerous books on architecture, design, art and photography. He has been the First Latin American Prize for Journalism, Siemens 2012.

About the Publisher. Trama Ediciones, is a publishing house founded in 1977 with headquarters in Quito, Ecuador. Dedicated to the production of books on architecture, design, history and photography. His books are characterized by their intellectual rigor and careful aesthetics.

Romulo Moya Peralta
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