The Way to Happiness kites fly high during the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

At the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Ms. Kim Bey, Executive Director of the The Way to Happiness Washington, DC, flying her kite at the Washington Monument.

The Way to Happiness kites spread common sense messages. Volunteers enjoy the Cherry Blossoms at the Washington Monument.

“Be Competent” kite flying in front of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture – with cherry blossoms in full bloom.

A volunteer from a violence prevention group joining the fun on the Washington Mall.

Free Educator Kit for Teachers to help young people learn common sense morals.

Teams fly The Way to Happiness kites, each with one of its 21 common sense messages, joining thousands flying colorful kites to celebrate the coming of spring.

The youth are our future and I want to instill in them The Way to Happiness messages so that we can all have a better future.”
— Ms. Kim Bey, Executive Director, The Way to Happiness DC group
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2022 / -- Washington, DC’s Cherry Blossom Kite Flying Festival returned to the National Mall this year after a pandemic hiatus. Thousands flew kites around the iconic Washington Monument in celebration of the return of spring. The kites dotted the sky, despite the challenges adults and children alike faced to keep their kites aloft in the stiff March winds. This year the festival was perfectly timed as the cherry blossoms were at their peak, in full bloom.

Volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation participated by flying 21 kites that each carried one of the precepts (a general rule intended to regulate behavior) from The Way to Happiness booklet including such messages as “Love and Help Children,” “Be Competent,” and “Take Care of Yourself.”

Some of the volunteers shared copies of the booklet with those attending the festival while the others spread the message on their kites in the blustery winds.

Ms. Kim Bey, Executive Director of Washington, DC’s The Way to Happiness chapter was raised in a poor neighborhood in Malaysia and is familiar with the need for respect and kindness. Kim has seen how the messages of The Way to Happiness booklet have changed lives for the better. As a successful business owner, Ms. Bey is spearheading this project with her volunteer team to put stability in people’s lives.

“I am doing this to help people with their own lives as well as people they care about. The booklet, simple yet very powerful, is a fundamental guide to leading a happier life,” said Ms. Bey. “This weekend’s kite festival was great fun and a happy, creative way for us to share. It was great to see hundreds of families out flying kites all around the Washington Monument. The youth are our future and I want to instill in them The Way to Happiness messages so that we can all have a better future.”

Ms. Bey and her volunteers have distributed more than 100,000 The Way to Happiness booklets in Washington, DC. Volunteers working in crime prevention as well as anti-gun violence programs have been using The Way to Happiness to help in teaching common sense values.

The Way to Happiness booklet is a non-religious, common sense guide to better living, written by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The mission of The Way to Happiness Foundation International is to reverse the moral decay of society by restoring trust and honesty the world over through the publication and widespread distribution of the booklet.

That mission is accomplished on a grass-roots level, worldwide, by individuals who share The Way to Happiness book with others and so bring about an increase in tolerance and understanding between families, friends, groups, communities, nations, and Mankind—making a safer, less violent world for all.
The Way to Happiness offers free information kits, educator packages with booklets and posters, and an informational website, in 17 languages.

The Way to Happiness Foundation is a secular charitable organization, coordinated by the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), an organization dedicated to resolving the major societal ills of drugs, crime, illiteracy, and immorality. The Church of Scientology and its parishioners proudly support ABLE and each of its social betterment groups. More information can be seen at

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