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CEO Suzanna Gasso Transforms Her Passion As A Surgical ICU Nurse Practitioner To A Master Aesthetic Injector

Suzanna Gasso is a licensed medical professional who has the knowledge and skill to perform procedures to the face and body.

Suzanna Gasso enhances the physical appearance and satisfaction of both men and women

The successful medical professional shares her humble story of turning her passion into a stellar career

I refused at first, but then I saw my follower count boom on Instagram, and then it wasn’t just old clients asking me to reopen. I suddenly had an influx of people interested in me and my work.”
— Suzanna Gasso, CEO & Founder of SG Aesthetics
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2022 / -- A famous quote by Gabriel Bernstein once said, "Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession." That saying perfectly describes Suzanna Gasso's life as an aesthetic expert and accredited master injector. Since she was a little girl, Gasso was determined to help others look good and feel great about themselves. She dreamt of opening a practice that was a safe space for all things beauty. Gasso was born in Azerbaijan but would later relocate to different countries, namely Russia and Israel, before immigrating to America. Her colorful past exposed her to vast cultures and opportunities to study, earning her four degrees: Business, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Nursing, and Nurse Practitioner. Gasso made a name for herself in the healthcare profession as someone who saves lives and changes others for the better, and in the past four years, she’s become a self-made success story in the aesthetics industry.

I met the founder and CEO of SG Aesthetics and marveled at the excellent service I experienced at her practice in Brooklyn, New York. Her social media presence and radiant personality successfully attracted people nationwide to book appointments with her. Suzanna's signature work, the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, benefitted thousands of clients, including myself. Her ability and confidence in her skills assured me that I was in good hands. The incredible results made me more confident, happier, and satisfied. Indeed, her passion-driven career reminds us that hard work pays off. Suzanna is in partnership with ZavoMediaPR Group, a global PR agency comprised of expert storytellers and visionaries. The firm is based in New York City and stands behind Suzanna’s vision and success story to become a global influence in the aesthetic industry. I'm delighted to have Suzanna for an interview where she revealed her pursuit of excellence came through late nights, long hours, and continuous learning and practicing of her craft.

Liana Zavo: Thank you for your time! You went through a lot before you accomplished your dreams. What were the hardships you faced as an immigrant in America?

Suzanna Gasso: The most challenging part was starting a new life here and making a name for myself. I tried to balance a full-time job while being a full-time mother of two. I worked night shifts in the hospital, came home to cook, and took my children to school in the morning. I’d see them off and then back to work. After about three night shifts a week, I spent my off days in class, furthering my schooling. I was so busy, and I barely had time to sleep! But, I kept pushing myself because I wanted to provide a good life for both my family and myself. I’m eternally grateful for my husband and two kids, Emil and Teily, supporting me just as much as I support them. They're my sources of inspiration. Being a good role model for them motivated me to work hard and dedicate my time to making my dreams come true.

LZ: You're lucky to have a sound support system. Now that you are a boss, how does it feel to run your own business?

SG: The best feeling is opening my practice and knowing that I’ve finally achieved my dream. I can manage my time effectively and still be a great wife and a well-involved mother. But, maintaining a business is very stressful. I have to perform procedures, and I have to think about every step, every decision, and detail related to my business’s performance. I have to manage a high level of service, keep up with routine supply orders, and put continuous effort into making my practice a place of comfort and satisfaction for my patients and my employees.

LZ: That's amazing. When Covid-19 hit and devastated everything, how did it affect you and your business?

SG: I had my business for a year and a half before the pandemic. When the mayor called for a lockdown, I had no choice but to close the office. Given the case count and infection rates, I worked overtime in the Intensive Care Unit at NYU Hospital to help fight against Covid-19. My phone constantly went off with calls, texts, and DMs from my old clients asking me to reopen. I refused at first, but then I saw my follower count boom on Instagram, and then it wasn’t just old clients asking me to reopen. I suddenly had an influx of people interested in me and my work. It was then that I realized that something was different. People who didn't want procedures done before have now decided to do them. They also had the time and the space to heal now that they were working from home. I guess the pandemic changed their attitude and overall outlook on life. My business became a solution for many, helping them feel better physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

LZ: Your Instagram posts/stories show what happens in reality. What makes you different from others?

SG: I’m straightforward with every procedure I perform in my practice. I’m not particularly eager to sugarcoat things because I believe transparency is essential for both the client and the provider. I always inform my clients what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

I enjoy showing my process and personality on Instagram, and I like my patients knowing me before we meet. I look forward to educating my followers and current patients about my procedures. I was fortunate enough to learn from one of the best medical professionals in this field, a talented doctor, and mentor Dr. Yegana Hanum. Being informative is my and my team’s way of gaining the public's trust.

What makes me different from other providers is that I don’t just work on my clients; I work with them. Becoming a master injector requires not just skill but being open-minded to learning and adapting new techniques to perfect your craft as an artist. I acknowledge that every face is different, and I offer multiple strategies

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