OXOS Medical Expands Distribution with Powerful New Nationwide Partnerships

Micro C Demonstration

Micro C Demonstration

Surgeon Operating

Advanced Imaging with Micro C

Ankle capture with Micro C. Low radiation. Hardware.

Ankle Capture with Micro C, Low Radiation Mode

Pacific Medical, Redstone Ortho, and Specialty Medical brings unparalleled experience and expertise to OXOS Medical

Doctors are always looking for ways to improve care, and with Micro C, we’ve given them the option to create a safer environment for physicians, staff, and patients.”
— Steve Kaplan
ATLANTA, GA, USA, March 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- With the growing adoption of Micro C and a major acceleration in demand across a spectrum of geographies and market verticals, OXOS Medical is proud to announce distribution partnerships with Pacific Medical, Redstone Ortho, and Specialty Medical. These organizations have a storied history of providing innovative solutions for complex orthopedic challenges. With Micro C—the world’s first low-radiation, handheld, dynamic x-ray imaging system— orthopedists are empowered with the capability, clarity, and confidence to make accurate decisions in every care scenario.

“We have been searching for partners that are as innovation-focused as we are,” says Evan Ruff, CEO of OXOS. “These three organizations represent the very best in orthopedic distribution and are a perfect match for our mission at OXOS.”

OXOS’s approach to orthopedic imaging is unique in the industry. Existing solutions are incapable of providing the agility, image quality, or dynamic imaging capabilities of Micro C. With these new partnerships, the organization can demonstrate the huge value of OXOS technology across the country.

“Our surgeons are incredibly excited about Micro C; its impressive image quality, safety profile, and ease-of-use are game-changers in surgery and in the clinic,” says Paul Wiese, VP Sales at Pacific Medical.

These partnerships allow OXOS to bring advanced orthopedic imaging to the entire country. Pacific Medical, Redstone Ortho, and Specialty Medical add unprecedented scale to Micro C’s commercialization, giving providers in their geographies an opportunity to see how OXOS can assist in delivering the most efficient, highest quality orthopedic care in both their surgical and clinical settings.

“Historically, imaging has not been a focus of ours,” says Josh Redstone, principal of Redstone Ortho. “There wasn’t much differentiation or benefit from one product over another. With Micro C, surgeons have a stepwise increase in capability, making them better able to provide for their patients.”

Providers are constantly looking for ways to improve their relationships with their patients. Micro C’s small size, low radiation profile, and unique ergonomics make it able to adapt to any care scenario. By bringing imaging directly to the point of care, patients and providers can collaborate directly, increasing compliance and engendering trust.

Steve Kaplan, Director of Specialty Medical adds, “Doctors are always looking for ways to improve care, and with Micro C, we’ve given them the option to create a safer environment for physicians, staff, and patients.”

To learn more about OXOS Medical and its product portfolio, schedule an in-person or a virtual demo by visiting the company website. Additionally, ask your local orthopedic distributor for an in-person demonstration. Stay up to date with OXOS via LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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