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Author and Life Coach Prescribes Hope as the Antidote for Our Uncertain, Unsettling Times

Michelle Kuei is founder and president of Elevate LifeCoaching

Elevate LifeCoaching President Michell Kuei outlines five daily practices ‘to keep us feeling motivated, emotionally and mentally’

The words we choose to lay down matter. These are the words that will either sink you or lift you.”
— Michell Kuei

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2022 / -- We’ve all felt it and thought it – particularly during two years of a devastating global pandemic. Even as that crisis shows signs of slowing, our social media feeds are filled with news of war in Ukraine and economic challenges in the United States – which hasn’t seemed terribly united for quite some time now.

It’s easy to become discouraged. Distressed. To wonder if, and how, things will ever get better – for society and for us as the individuals who make it up.

Michelle Kuei, founder and president of Elevate LifeCoaching, says she understands the darkness many are feeling is real – but she also knows there’s a path to walk to let in some light. It all starts with changing our mindset and the thoughts that flow from it. To choose hope over hopelessness.

“The words we choose to lay down matter,” she says. “These are the words that will either sink you or lift you. These are the words that will either give you the feeling of desperation, or they will emanate hope.

“It breaks my heart to see and read news today knowing that there are parts of our world living in desperation. What could be worse than living with constant fear? Waking up in the middle of the night, worrying that things will never be better?”

Kuei has inspired thousands with her story of surviving a youthful car accident that left her with limited mobility but did not stop her from climbing to the peak of Machu Picchu. She hopes to inspire those feeling overwhelmed by the current global challenges and uncertainty by offering five everyday practices to “to keep us feeling motivated, emotionally and mentally”:

1. Differentiate situations that are within your control and those that are not. Ask yourself clarifying questions like, "What information is important for me to learn from things outside of my control? If I can’t control certain circumstances, how can I control my reaction to them?”

2. Recognize that healing is a journey, not a destination. We don’t overcome our pain by fighting through it. We get better by embracing the journey as a journey. Consider “What can I do today to feel better than I did yesterday?” That’s a situation within each individual’s control.

3. Healing is not a competition. A child does not run until he or she learns to crawl. When we experience setbacks, it’s important to learn and adapt to new ways of living. Adaptation means we are open to changes that happen in our lives. No one is grading you on how fast you go, so stop rushing yourself. You’ll get their when you’re ready.

4. It is a great comfort to rest in the fact that the Universe always has our backs. Show up and be the best version of yourself each day. Be kind. Be brave. Always be willing to give someone else a helping hand. Hope is like a muscle: the more we use it with ourselves, the better we become in giving it to others. Asking not what others can do for you but what you can do for others is an important part of stretching this hope muscle.

5. Smile! The best present you can give someone else without costing you anything is a look of joy on your face. Everything begins with a smile. We can have better relationships, stronger connections and produce solutions faster if we bring our smiles to the table.

“I believe life is a book and you have some empty chapters to write in it,” Kuei says. “The words you choose to complete your story are magical because when we express ourselves in hope, we infect the people who share life with us with hope.”

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