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Harry Saves Wreck, book three in the Dr. Bob's Tales series

Dr. Robert Ernst, author

HARRY SAVES WRECK by Dr. Robert A. Ernst

What a fun and enjoyable read for youngsters and adults alike, with important lessons cloaked in fables, to prepare one for navigating the highways of life.”
— Dr. Ron Jawor, orthodontist and professor
UNITED STATES, April 27, 2022 / -- When parents think about what elements they look for in books for their children, the list probably would include: allow your imagination to soar, inspire your dreams, force you to laugh out loud, meet wonderful, diverse, memorable characters, and learn valuable lessons.

That has been the formula for Dr. Robert Ernst (also known as Dr. Bob), who has just launched HARRY SAVES WRECK, the third book in his Dr. Bob’s Tales series for middle-grade readers revolving around the fictitious community of Pondville.

Wreck, the car of Pondville’s beloved Sheriff Harry, is on his last wheels. Harry and his friends are dedicated to restoring Wreck to health and his former glory. Meanwhile, Professor Ludwig has made a discovery and is working in secret to learn what his amazing find can do. Can this discovery benefit Pondville? Is there anything it can do to help Wreck get better?

Characters Bernie, Charlie, Harry, and Ludwig work together to save Wreck. This heartwarming tale has all young readers could hope for: mystery, ingenuity, friendship, and some very funny moments.

Dr. Bob’s Tales were inspired by imagining different characters living around a pond. The pond became the centerpiece for the town of Pondville. Pondville turned into a community populated by diverse, relatable, and memorable characters. The main cast of characters appears in every book. New ones are introduced as the plots unfold in each book. Lessons are taught subliminally. The culture of Pondville is a lesson in itself.

Readers get to know the characters and follow their exploits. For some readers, the Pondville characters become lasting imaginary friendships. It is through discussing the stories with friends, family, in school, or in book groups that the lessons really pop.

The author offers a discussion guide to help facilitate learning conversations for children who are reading the book, bringing up topics like:
• How has Harry matured from one book to the next?
• Even though Wreck is a car, it has a personality; what do you like best about it?
• Who is your favorite character and why?
• What is the most touching scene in the book? How did it make you feel?
• Describe a lesson you learned in the book.

The series is generating many enthusiastic comments from critics:

“Each character is well developed with its own unique characteristics, but the special thing that ties the characters together in this story is their friendship, their ability to work together, and the way they care for each other and the environment…There are delightful drawings to help move the story forward, and the dialogue is carefree and whimsical, often with a touch of humor. This is a great read for middle-grade readers.”
-Reader’s Favorite

"What a fun and enjoyable read for youngsters and adults alike, with important lessons cloaked in fables, to prepare one for navigating the highways of life.”
-Dr. Ron Jawor, orthodontist and professor

"The world of Pondville is such a clever way to introduce readers to real-life situations. Dr. Bob's writing allows you to get lost in his world while simultaneously connecting it with people we know and events we may have experienced.”
-Derek Rainey, educator

HARRY SAVES WRECK is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.


Dr. Robert A. Ernst is a retired orthodontist who practiced in central Connecticut for more than 40 years. His education was interrupted when he joined the Air Force. He became a 1st lieutenant during the Vietnam era, before resuming his educational goals. His early career as an author began in the form of a storyteller. Known as Dr. Bob, he created tales about the animals that lived around the pond at Foxhill Acres, his home in Nova Scotia, Canada. He delighted neighboring children with the stories. In more recent years, his wife Ann convinced him to write down the stories in a series of books, and Dr. Bob’s Pondville was created. More tales are on the way.

Dr. Bob’s love of nature and his inventiveness were honed from an early age when he played and explored in the marshes near his home in Milford, CT. Dr. Bob was born in Massachusetts and moved to Connecticut when he was five years old. He and Ann reside in Florida. Visit

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