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STP announces the release of its newly developed Environmental, Health and Safety Audit Protocol for New Caledonia.

Latest EHS Regulations Updates Assist Companies to Achieve EHS Compliance

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 18, 2022 / -- This audit protocol covers relevant national EHS requirements. The regulatory date for the current release is November 2021.

This EHS audit protocol is organized around twenty topics, with a separate section devoted to each, as follows:

• General Environmental • Equipment, Machine and Electrical Safety
• Air Emissions • Material Handling and General In-Plant Safety
• Water and Wastewater Management • Fire Safety
• Solid and Hazardous Waste • Transport of Dangerous Goods
• Environmental Product Stewardship • Industrial Hygiene
• Above and Below Ground Tank Management • Chemical Management
• Community Noise • Construction Work Site Safety
• PCBs • Incident Prevention and Response
• Asbestos • Marine Protection and Operations
• Occupational Health • Flora and Fauna

Leading companies around the world use EHS audit protocols to understand the scope of their EHS regulatory obligations and rapidly collect, share, archive, and export audit findings in a cost-effective manner. EHS audit protocols are now also prepared by Antea Group in partnership with STP and continue to focus on those national (plus, in some cases, regional or provincial) EHS requirements that have site-specific applications for manufacturing operations. As a leading EHS management consulting firm with a global network of experienced EHS teaming partners, Antea Group has in-depth knowledge and technical expertise of local/regional EHS requirements.

STP maintains leading-edge EHS audit protocols for more than 50 jurisdictions. The protocol documents are written in English and are available in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and Excel formats, as well as through STP’s web-based portal or can be integrated into an existing company platform. Using the protocols’ custom templates and advanced functionality features, auditors can easily track audit findings and manage data over time to improve compliance, risk management and safety performance. In addition, STP’s formatting is compatible with leading risk management and sustainability platform providers.

Highlights of selected legislation covered in the newly developed protocol include:

The Nouméa Agreement of May 1998 was enacted pursuant to Articles 76 and 77 of the French Constitution. Following the Nouméa Agreement, New Caledonia became a territorial collectivity of the French State (a ‘sui generis collectivity’). The political organization of New Caledonia is established under the Organic Law, (No. 99-209 dated 19 March 1999) and the Nouméa Agreement, which provides New Caledonia with the powers to establish laws in areas such as labour law, insurance law, taxation, foreign investments, and natural resources.

The French State is represented in New Caledonia by the High Commissioner (le Haut Commissaire de la République). The High Commissioner checks the legality of the acts taken or passed by local authorities of New Caledonia. The legislative body of New Caledonia is Congress. It is composed of members from the provincial assemblies called “Councilors of New Caledonia” (Conseillers de Nouvelle Calédonie). The Congress passes local laws in relation to matters for which it has delegated authority pursuant to Article 99 of the Organic Law. Laws passed by Congress come into force upon proclamation by the High Commissioner and publication in the Gazette of New Caledonia (Le Journal Officiel de la Nouvelle Calédonie).

The New Caledonia Labor Code is produced by the Labor and Employment Department. The New Caledonia Labor Code was amended in 2021, and Book II, Title VI establishes the requirements for health and safety in the workplace. The Labor Code is supported by occupational health and safety texts, including Deliberations of Congress, Deliberations of the Standing Committee, and Orders.

North and South provinces of New Caledonia have each adopted an Environmental Code, with Decision No. 2008-306 / APN of October 24, 2008 relating to the Environmental Code of the North Province (JONC December 29, 2008, p. 8578) and Decision No. 25-2009 / APS of March 20, 2009 relating to the Environmental Code of the Southern Province (JONC April 9, 2009, p. 2590). The Environmental Codes bring together all the legal texts relating to environmental law for each of the respective provinces. The two Codes present a common approach that observes the following framework and

• Common provisions;
• The “Protection of the Natural Heritage” in the South Province;
• The “Protection and Enhancement of the Natural Heritage” in the North Province;
• Natural Resource Management; and
• Prevention of Pollution, Risks and Nuisances.

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