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Debut Novel Offers Hope and Healing After Overwhelming Loss

Comfort in the Wings

Author Jennifer Collins

COMFORT IN THE WINGS by Jennifer Collins

The author gently weaves imagery and metaphors to take the reader on a journey to resolve present and past losses. It is a heartwarming novel that will touch the hearts of many.”
— Phyllis Babrove, LCSW, author
UNITED STATES, March 30, 2022 / -- Finding healing, solace and purpose after unimaginable loss is far too familiar these days. Author Jennifer Collins knows only too well the difficult path of learning to live with grief, often fraught with unexpected pitfalls. She poignantly brings such a journey to life in her debut novel, COMFORT IN THE WINGS (Words in the Wings Press).

In this deeply emotional story, Collins, a physical therapist and college professor, draws upon her personal experience of losing most of her immediate family in a grueling succession of tragedies to shape the experience of her protagonist, Larissa Whitcomb. Larissa, who has lost her daughter and been abandoned by her husband and son, is drowning in a sea of grief that seems to be renewed every time a new tragedy rocks her once-idyllic life.

After weeks of wrapping herself in a cocoon of dysphoric haze, Larissa accepts an opportunity that draws her out of her home and sets her on the path to healing. As she hunts for fragments of hope and resilience, unexpected moments of peace begin to emerge, ultimately leading her to self-discovery and reconciliation with the people still in her life.

Anyone who has ever dealt with loss will see their journey reflected in Larissa’s travels and know they are not alone as Collins takes us deep into the heart of a woman bereft and what it takes to find your way home.

The book is already receiving praise:

"Honest and raw, Collins’s novel leads us straight into the heart, mind, and body of unimaginable loss from its very first page. Following the twists and turns of a life suspended by tragedy, where earlier logics no longer serve, we find how disorientation can reveal deeper truths, how pathways through the unthinkable can pave the way to wonder. A balm for the unmoored among us and a guide for those who love them.”
—Corinne Dempsey, Ph.D., author, Bridges Between Two Worlds: Spirits and Spirit Work in Northern Iceland

“The author gently weaves imagery and metaphors to take the reader on a journey to resolve present and past losses. It is a heartwarming novel that will touch the hearts of many.”
— Phyllis Babrove, LCSW, author, Envelopes of Hope, When Shadows Linger, and Words from a Mother in Mourning

“Collins has managed to turn her personal tragedy into a riveting and unexpected semi-fictional page turner encompassing the rawness of child loss, the turbulence of relationships, the enduring nature of friendship and the uncertainty of tomorrow. Collins' first novel will make you uncomfortable at times; push through the twists and turns enjoying the literary genius of a story that makes you feel, laugh, cry, and live with more purpose, clarity and love.”
—Lori Drescher, CARC, RCP, founder, Recovery Coach University

COMFORT IN THE WINGS is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

JENNIFER COLLINS, PT, EdD, MPA, is a retired physical therapist and college professor whose career spanned more than 40 years. She held many titles during those years, but “Mom” was the one that brought her the most joy and pride. Her close-knit family was the center of her universe. Comfort in the Wings, her debut novel, emerged from her devastating experiences. While still mourning her mother’s death from cancer, two of Collins’s children suddenly, unimaginably died within a few months of each other. A short time later, her only sibling and father died. Writing provided a lifeline. A sequel to Comfort in the Wings, as well as children’s books and non-fiction, are among her plans. She runs a family business alongside her eldest son and splits her time between upstate New York and a barrier island in Florida.

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