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MediaVue Celebrates 15 Years in Digital Signage Industry

Massachusetts-based business continues to innovate, finds itself working with customers, partners all around the world

It has become imperative that companies think about their digital signage and communications networks as a platform.”
— Erik DeGiorgi
BOSTON, MA, USA, March 15, 2022 / -- MediaVue Systems, the company that has earned the reputation of being an innovator in the digital signage industry, is this month celebrating 15 years of business. Over that time, the company introduced a series of hardware and software products, transforming the expectations of what a dedicated media player can do and providing a network management platform built for scale.

Over its 15-year history, MediaVue’s exclusive focus on the digital signage industry has yielded several key innovations including:

• Designing and bringing to market a purpose-built computer for the digital signage industry. Ultimately being coined “digital media players,” these kinds of devices allowed for the explosive growth of the digital signage industry.
• Initially introducing a fanless media player for higher reliability, MediaVue then developed the Phalanx Thermal Defense System, a redundant, active cooling system which led to an overall lower failure rate and increased lifespan for digital media players.
• Creating custom operating systems specifically designed for stable and secure content playback using any major Content Management Software (CMS).
• Developed one of the first remote management platforms, enabling intercontinental network scalability.
• Building an industry-recognized support program that takes a partner-based, collaborative approach to issue resolution, decreasing loss of revenue due to downtime as well as overall operating costs.

“It has been a fast-paced, challenging, yet remarkably gratifying experience,” related CEO and Board Chairman David DeGiorgi, “but we still have miles to go. We’ve accomplished so much already, but there is much more that needs to be done within the digital signage industry.”

“Digital signage networks have become remarkably sophisticated,” added President Erik DeGiorgi. “Every week we read about more interactive applications that help companies identify and connect with a particular audience.”

“It has become imperative,” continued Erik DeGiorgi, “that companies think about their signage and communications networks as a platform. There are use cases where simply putting a video on a screen will suffice, but in the enterprise space a dynamic platform enables a more direct and personal interaction with the desired audience.”

“The days of casting a wide net are behind us,” Erik DeGiorgi concluded. “Today, the technology and the data allow us to better know our audience and capture their attention. Our focus at MediaVue is to help customers understand the full extent of what’s possible today and put them into a technology platform that can help grow their business.”

MediaVue Systems provides corporations and government agencies with sophisticated solutions for enterprise digital signage. Our global deployments feature specially-engineered digital media players, meeting room panels, active network management software, and industry-leading support. The company maintains headquarters just outside of Boston, MA and a Middle East Sales Office in Dubai, UAE.

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