My dedication to serving my community is unquestionable. I served over 20 years of Active-Duty in the Marine Corps and I've earned my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification”
— Marlin Wilbur
FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA, March 15, 2022 / -- Marlin Wilbur is a very kind, thoughtful, and responsive Real Estate Agent, Broker, and Owner of Veteran Real Estate Partners in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolis. He is also a highly regarded Marine Corps Veteran.

Marlin is proud to introduce his ‘ELITE FORCE HOME SAVINGS PROGRAM’ to the community. He says, “I have a very special program, specifically designed for individuals that may fall into one of these professions: Military Veterans, Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers, Nurses, First Responders, and Ministers. This program provides discounts that can help these deserving individuals, whether they are buying or selling their homes”.

Marlin will be the first to tell you that he understands the importance of serving the community and giving back to those individuals by offering them a 25% rebate on the purchase or sale of their homes. His dedication to serving his community is unquestionable, as he served over 20 years of Active-Duty in the Marine Corps. His Company’s Mission Statement is: “Served and Still Serving.”

Marlin loves to be able to help individuals and families find that perfect home, and he also likes to give back whenever he can.

He also explored several avenues before establishing his own program, ‘ELITE FORCE HOME SAVINGS PROGRAM’ because he wanted to be able to see first-hand how his contributions could help those in the Dallas/Fort Worth community. Marlin wants to help those people whom we tend to forget in our everyday lives, but are truly our everyday heroes: Military, Firefighters, Police, Nurses, Teachers, EMTs, First Responders, and Ministers.

Without a doubt, the first group Marlin wanted to thank was the Military. Our Military is the reason we are able to have the freedom to live our lives wherever our dreams take us, and of course, the number one dream for most people is to have a place to call “home.” Because of this, Marlin earned his Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification from the National Association of Realtors.

Our local Police Officers are our first line of defense right here in our community. Until something happens that affects us, we don’t always realize what an extremely difficult and dangerous profession it is. Not only that, but they are also often underappreciated when it comes to getting their fair share of recognition.

Marlin has said that his teachers have always held a special place in his heart. They set the standard for learning and encourage us to achieve more than what we would expect for ourselves. Every teacher he knows has spent their own money to help provide the necessary materials to achieve the programs established. Thus, money is often tight. He is excited to not only be able to give back to them financially but to present them with that recognition they deserve.

Firefighters are often overlooked when it comes to being rewarded. They are, by nature, people who are inclined to take action when others are in danger. They put their lives on the line every single day they are called to a site by running into burning buildings, rescuing and saving lives, all at the risk of their own life. Naturally, Marlin wants to show them the respect they deserve and will be there for them when they reach out to him.

How often do we talk about First Responders and Nurses? First Responders are the first ones on the scene of an emergency and make quick, life-changing, decisions every day. Nurses are the ones that are there through the entire process whether it is an emergency or an illness. They are the ones that gather the information; explain in layman’s terms what needs to be done and create that calming effect for their patients, while giving 100% of their time to saving lives to the best of their ability. He is honored to recognize them as our unsung heroes.

Marlin cannot say enough about Ministers. “They carry a heavy load, running a Church, serving the people and are often overlooked as community servants. We want to help carry that heavy load by offering them our rebate. I’m proud to be able to help all these “Hometown Heroes” and give them the recognition they so richly deserve. I believe in being thankful for what I have, and I want to illustrate that by helping others.”

If you would like more information on this program, please contact Marlin directly and he will be more than happy to explain the program to you and the money you can save by participating in it.

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