Louisiana Splash and Water Safety Continues to Save Lives By Providing Swimming Lessons to All Ages and First Responders

Louisiana Splash and Water Safety teaches children to swim

Children of all ages can experience the joy of swimming through positive encouragement and reinforcement. Children are taught how to swim safely, how to get in and out of the pool safely, proper breath control, and more.

First Responder Training for hurricane disasters.

Louisiana Splash & Water Safety is a proud participant in community outreach, which includes water safety training for local first responders.

Louisiana Splash and Water Safety

The mission of the non-profit organization is to provide accessibility to swimming lessons, water safety, and health programs to any and all individuals regardless of age, race, gender, ability, capability or financial status.

The non-profit successfully trained first responders for rescue efforts after Hurricane Ida in St. John's Parish.

Death by drowning is a needless epidemic.”
— Melynie Wright, Executive Director
LAPLACE , LA, UNITED STATES , March 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Louisiana has some concerning statistics regarding the risk of drowning. In 2020, Louisiana followed Montana, Mississippi, and Hawaii, to rank as the 4th highest in the United States for drowning deaths. In the same year, Louisiana saw a 60 percent spike in drownings of children aged 14 years old and younger. With the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Ida last year, the hazard of drowning has been in the forefront of the news. Louisiana Splash and Water Safety (LA Splash), a non-profit organization based out of LaPlace, is committed to reducing the risk of drowning, as well as offering accessible swimming lessons and water safety programs to residents inside and outside of St. John’s Parish. Most importantly, LA Splash includes water survival training for first responders.

Founded in 2018, President and Executive Director Melynie Wright and Director of Programs Anita Hefler have put hundreds of volunteer hours into the organization to teach both children and adults how to swim and bring more awareness to water safety principles. Wright told the L’Observateur in 2019 that death by drowning is a “needless epidemic.” As a Red Cross certified water safety instructor, Wright has demonstrated a lifelong pursuit to advocate for more mindful water safety and instruction. Over the years, Wright and Hefler have taught hundreds of children and adults, including those with disabilities, to swim. "The benefits of swimming are endless, and your child should learn to swim as early as possible. Once your child knows how to swim at a young age, this skill is forever with them. In their later years, their longevity and quality of life will be enhanced by swimming," Wright says.

Late last summer, prior to Hurricane Ida’s impact, Louisiana Splash partnered with the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office to instruct first responders in water survival training. Sgt. John Norsworthy, who heads the Sheriff’s Office’s water survival training, said, “On some emergency calls, officers can end up in water, since the River Parishes are surrounded by water… Without training to understand their own limitations, these potential rescuers could become victims. To avoid officers becoming victims in water emergencies, as well as build their confidence while working in a maritime environment, Sheriff Mike Tregre requires officers to participate in basic water survival training.” Sgt. Norsworthy went on to say, “Our training focuses on becoming proficient in water survival skills and increasing awareness on how to modify duty equipment to increase chances of survival…Working in partnership with Louisiana Splash and Water Safety, we are able to help officers strengthen skills and learn techniques to survive in and on the water in the event of an unexpected immersion into the water.” St. John Sheriff’s deputies and other emergency personnel launched over 800 rescue efforts after Hurricane Ida pummeled the Parish for six hours, with zero storm-related deaths reported.

In addition to swimming instruction and water safety, Louisiana Splash also hosts a variety of health and wellness programs, including water aerobics classes. Wright and Hefler offer these programs using donations from the community, notably the Belle Terre Country Club, the LaPlace Lion’s Club, United Way, and Anytime Fitness of LaPlace, among many others. If you’re interested in becoming a donor or would like more information on the instruction and programs available, you can contact Louisiana Splash and Water Safety at 225-328-6084 or send an e-mail to louisianasplashandwatersafety@gmail.com. Additional information is easily accessible through their website, https://lasplashandwatersafety.org/.

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