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Radix95 Token Launches NFT Marketplace and more Dapps Making it a $1 worthy coin

At this moment, $100 worth investment buys over 100,000 R95 tokens. There's a psychological target for this token hitting $1 because of only 100,000,000 Total Supply therefore $100 investment will bring over $100,000 profit within 2 years.

/EIN News/ -- LONDON,UK, March 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There have been whispers within the Radix community about a promising new project called Radix95. As it’s name and nostalgic website would imply, it’s a Windows 95 themed platform that houses a variety of crypto-related utilities, features, and services. Just few days ago they released a very well received NFT marketplace, and according to the project’s promising whitepaper, a token scanner and market listing feature similar to CMC are on the horizon.

With it’s array of different dapps, this ambitious project seeks to become a one stop shop for all things crypto, a hub for the Radix community. The team is very committed to the project and have proven themselves capable of delivering what they promise. Along with the team’s own efforts, community members and indie developers will be incentivized to submit their own dapps to further grow the R95 ecosystem.

Much of the R95 community are of course also believers in Radix. What that translates to is a passionate, contributing and faithful group of people where many will be willing to really push this project forward to its utmost potential, whether it be through dapp development, spreading the word, or simply engaging and being a part of the community. The project’s idea of utilizing community engagement in this way could not have been with a better home than Radix.

In 2013, Dan Hughes saw the huge potential of cryptocurrency but knew there were challenges that needed to be overcome to meet that potential, thus began Radix DLT’s journey. Fast forward to today with the promising Babylon releasing in Q3-Q4 2022, Radix is poised to solve crypto’s trilemma and completely take off and become at least the top 5 coin that everyone knows. For Radix based projects such as the ambitious Radix95, this means immense potential and growth.

Radix95 is currently on Binance Smart Chain during the wait for Babylon where the project will be bridged. Radix95 has seen massive support so far on Twitter and it’s very active Telegram, even amongst those unfamiliar with Radix. Launched just a few weeks ago, things are still very early, so it’ll be exciting to see this project grow from the ground up and eventually see it at the forefront of Radix’s most successful projects.


Name: Lewis Pritchard
Organization: Radix95 Token