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Digital voice assistant leverages Xtime online scheduling tool to handle and appoint inbound service calls and improve the consumer experience

With these solutions working together, dealerships lift their level of service to consumers, which helps drive a positive customer experience, and ... higher profitability in the service department,”
— Monika Portman, Associate VP of Product Management, Cox Automotive.
HUNTERSVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2022 / -- Proactive Dealer Solutions, a provider of effective lead management and conversion services for the auto and motorized vehicle dealership sector today announced a custom integration between and Xtime, the only end-to-end solution that delivers the service experience consumers and auto dealers demand.

Staffing gaps and high call volume from consumer inbound service calls and follow-up status calls are the most significant drivers of consumer connectivity fail points. Adding Brooke as a Digital Voice Assistant means no call goes unanswered. Brooke also improves consumer satisfaction by steering the most common conversations to a smart assistant who can answer frequently asked questions and schedule service appointments based on consumer needs and dealership policies.’s powerful technology makes her highly intuitive, intelligent, and appropriate in her responses as a conversational Digital Voice Assistant (DVA), which resonates well with automotive consumers. The power of the integration lies in’s ability to answer 100 percent of inbound service calls, access the Xtime online scheduling tool, collect information on the service being requested, intelligently navigate the service department's constraints to find the best appointment time slot for consumers, and confirm the appointment. can also provide callers with basic dealership information, such as service hours. More complex or non-appointable calls are quickly transferred to the correct person at the dealership.

Based on findings from millions of calls monitored through CallerCX, on average 30 percent of inbound phone calls to service departments never connect. They are abandoned on hold, misrouted, or lost. That can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Now Xtime dealers can leverage the power of to make sure every call connects and appointments are properly scheduled according to dealer and Xtime configurations.

“Xtime is used by dealerships nationwide and has a proven track record of helping build consumer loyalty and drive satisfaction,” said Jason Beckett, Chief Operating Officer, Proactive Dealer Solutions. “We’re proud to partner with them to ensure that every inbound service call is answered and services are efficiently and properly scheduled. While at the same time, alleviating service advisors and BDC agents from the demands of inbound service calls so they can focus on revenue-producing outbound calls and face-to-face consumers.” is available to consumers 24/7 and communicates in a conversational and natural way with contextual awareness and adaptive behavior, much like common DVA home devices. also helps reduce issues with callers waiting on hold, a clear pain point for consumers. Xtime Schedule and will work seamlessly together to create a modern service experience that exceeds consumer expectations while helping to create additional revenue opportunities for dealerships.

To help dealership partners maximize the new integration, Proactive Dealer Solutions is offering dedicated performance management for at no additional cost. Xtime’s performance managers will continue to support dealers holistically to help maximize the revenue potential of their service department.

“With these solutions working together, dealerships lift their level of service to consumers, which as we know helps drive a positive customer experience, and ultimately, higher profitability in the service department,” said Monika Portman, Associate Vice President of Product Management, Cox Automotive.
“The use of well-integrated technology not only helps dealerships meet the needs and wants of consumers but can create greater efficiencies among dealership staff, especially at a time when labor shortages are a concern.” is a stand-alone solution but is closely tied to Proactive Dealer Solutions’ popular CallerCX platform. CallerCX monitors, evaluates, and scores inbound sales and services calls using proprietary artificial intelligence technology to coach staff on how to better handle calls and to notify managers of mishandled opportunities. Visit NADA booth #4221W to see in action. To learn more visit

About Proactive Dealer Solutions:
Proactive Dealer Solutions serves the automotive industry as a leading provider of proprietary software and training solutions that revolutionize the automotive customer experience. The company helps dealers connect and convert more leads, increase customer loyalty and revenue for both fixed and variable ops. Founded in 2001, Proactive Dealer Solutions quickly became known as the authority in the Business Development concept and is an industry disruptor in this space, establishing more than 4,000 BDCs across the US and Canada. Pioneers in BDC activity and performance tracking software, the company continues to evolve as the leading customer experience (CX) solutions provider in today’s competitive marketplace. Proactive Dealer Solutions approaches partnerships with automotive dealers and OEMs through comprehensive, customizable training programs and a robust software suite that transforms the dealership’s culture through people, process, and technology; believing that every dealer has the ability to be GREAT and deserves that opportunity.

About Xtime
Xtime is the leading end-to-end software solution that drives customer loyalty and revenue for automotive dealers in each stage of the service process. With easy-to-use technology and industry experts, Xtime helps dealers meet changing customer expectations. As an advanced, connected solution that provides exceptional support, Xtime is committed to helping dealers deliver the ultimate service experience. Through transparency, convenience and trust, Xtime Spectrum – composed of Schedule, Engage, Inspect, and Invite – facilitates more than ten million service appointments monthly. Xtime is a Cox Automotive™ brand.

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