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Lithuanian Cabinet allocates almost 4 million euros to welcome fleeing Ukrainians

LITHUANIA, March 2 - Earlier today, the Cabinet has approved a draft resolution from the Ministry of Finance providing for 4 million euros in reserve funds to be used to welcome Ukrainians fleeing the invasion of their home country.

‘Witnessing in dismay Russia’s unprecedented aggression against the entire democratic world, we understand that we have no moral right to leave Ukraine alone. We must provide coordinated humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s invaded home to safety, and this is exactly what we have done today through allocations to this effect’, said Minister for Finance Gintarė Skaistė.

A total of 3 272.2 thousand euros have been allocated to the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, including 151.6 thousand euros for the activities of NGO mobile teams. 1 965.6 thousand euros for catering. 880 thousand euros for hygiene and other personal effects and medicines. And 275 thousand euros for the procurement of three-day food rations.

‘We will welcome every brother and sister and child from Ukraine as our own. Volunteers, non-governmental organizations, and institutions are working to ensure that people get help, accommodation, and appropriate information in the first place. We are also working on legislative amendments enabling those who have received a residence permit in Lithuania to be enrolled for monetary social support and have access to our labour market’, says Monika Navickienė, Minister for Social Security and Labour.

The Ministry of Health will get 667 thousand euros to finance health care services for these people.

‘Led by good will and compassion, we are determined to continue in this vein hoping for the good to prevail over evil eventually. I can assure you that the Lithuanian health care system is ready to provide all necessary medical assistance to the people of Ukraine forced out from their country by war,’ noted the Minister for Health Arūnas Dulkys.

To date, we have 315 Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania.