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Immuniscan System to Simplify Pet Travel and Transport with Blockchain and NFTs

The minority-founded start-up helps keeps people, pets and livestock safe while traveling

ATLANTA , UNITED STATES, February 28, 2022 / -- According to a study by Roanoke, approximately 78 percent of people now travel with their pets, so Immuniscan®, a tech start-up, is proud to announce the launch of a system that streamlines the processes required for in-cabin and cargo pet travel.

COVID-19 has impacted the way people can travel with pets. Traveling with unhealthy pets can pose a risk to other passengers. Sometimes, pets carry germs that can make people sick. Numerous agencies and organizations are working to modify requirements for pet travel to help mitigate the risks of infectious diseases spreading to humans and other animals. Country-specific rules and regulations can be confusing, and failure to adhere to them can lead to trip disruptions, along with costly fines and fees.

Immuniscan was founded by “Mattch” James during the COVID-19 pandemic. He developed the system based on the potential risks that traveling with unhealthy pets and livestock can present to global health.

While growing up in South Florida, he became well aware about the impacts companion animals have on the quality of life for everyone they interact with. Unfortunately, two of his puppies had to be put to sleep because they contracted preventable viruses from other animals on the banned animals import list. Mattch wanted to prevent such a tragedy from happening to others.

With 21+ years of enterprise technology experience, Mattch designed and developed the Immuniscan system to protect pets and pet owners who may suffer the consequences due to a lack of knowledge about pet health and country-specific travel requirements. He worked with expertise from the DHS, CDC, APHA, NIH and leading veterinarians to gain insight and guidance for the patent-pending system approved for global use.

Immuniscan was designed to work best with microchipped pets and livestock. Microchips ensure that the animal is permanently identifiable and eliminate risks for falsified data or misrepresentation, which is common with pets. Traditional processes have relied on collars with identification tags. For example, if a pet is stolen, thieves often look for a dog tag or collar and remove it, making it impossible to identify the pet.

The Immuniscan system automatically records and manages identity, age, breed, immunization records and travel plans for pets, and stores the records on an immutable distributed ledger or blockchain, thus facilitating rapid verification of the status of an animal before travel or entry into a restricted area. Immuniscan allows for on-demand determination of whether pets and livestock comply with country-specific requirements for travel or entry.

“Immuniscan brings digital transformation to the pet travel industry to make it easier for veterinarians to access the data they need to ensure a pet is healthy and prepared for travel,” Mattch said. "Immuniscan makes this data available to those who need it. In the context of pet travel, it may be the pet owner preparing for travel or the veterinarian certifying the pet or the airline/airport or transporter needing to access facts.”

Immuniscan is also useful for hotels, dog parks and other businesses or facilities that may allow pets into their premises.

Immuniscan will be raising capital to expand and grow the business, seeking early-stage funding and blockchain-based token offering methods.

For more information, visit and follow the company on social media.


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