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Area Code Domains is Helping Restaurants Increase Their Marketing Potential

Area Code Domains

Reach More Customers For Your Business

Restaurants Need To Increase Digital Marketing In Order to Stay Competitive

We enjoy helping clients and work with businesses of all sizes, as well as entrepreneurs. Owning an area code domain name is the foundation of our marketing strategy and it’s a low-risk investment. ”
— R. Singer

CLINTON, CT, USA, February 25, 2022 / -- Area Code Domains is working with restaurants to optimize their online presence, beginning with its location-based domain name strategy. Using methods with which the company has seen success across industries, Area Code Domains offers for sale domain names that match the business’s area code and the keywords of their services. For example, the area code for Boston is 617, a pizzeria owner in the area code would want to own the domain Or a restaurateur in Las Vegas that focuses on serving BBQ, the domain name would be the best domain to own.

“We enjoy helping clients and work with businesses of all sizes, as well as entrepreneurs. Owning an area code domain name is the foundation of our marketing strategy and it’s a low-risk investment that has the potential to launch businesses into the next plateau of customer reach,” says Area Code Domains, Inc.’s founder R. Singer. “We recognize the magic of simple, direct marketing. Driving by a billboard or seeing a name on a sign, it can be hard to remember the nuances of the full business title or nine-digit phone number or a long web address. Especially when it comes to restaurants, where there are dozens per town, it’s important to make it easily discoverable.”

Area Code Domains matches the business with its keywords and area code to create a website landing page for potential customers to access with ease. “If a business has an existing website, it is no problem, any URL can automatically be redirect to any other full website. All that matters is that there’s a way to reach the business online that is easy for customers to remember and find.”

Beyond selling their cost-effective branding solutions, Area Code Domains is a source of insight and educational materials when it comes to advice for restaurants looking to expand their marketing and branding strategies. “Of course, at the foundation of any digital marketing campaign is establishing that reliable online hub through an effective and optimized landing page. Beyond that, it’s what the business makes of the platform—that’s the marketing and branding aspect.”

Area Code Domains advises restaurants to begin this strategy and plan by positioning themselves in the market and considering what sets them apart from competitors—is it the only source of a type of cuisine in the area, a special pricing bracket, or a distinct level of quality in each dish, for example. “Businesses have to determine what makes them special and relevant.”

“We then advise that restaurants develop a mission statement that they can adhere to in all of their marketing strategies—this means determining a target audience and demographic. It will serve as a reminder of why they are in business and what they stand for so that customers will understand the tone of the restaurant. Then, the visual aspects of the brand should follow suit, reinforcing the mission and providing a consistent message that makes customers associate the business with a certain look and feel.”

When working with clients, Area Code Domains emphasizes the importance of a catchy domain name and landing page in building a foundation for a strong restaurant marketing strategy.

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