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NFT Kings Set to Sell the Last 4000 NFT Kings Crown Pass Pieces

ZUG, Switzerland, Feb. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFT Kings, the product of DexTech and a collection of 5000 well-crafted, unique, aesthetically pleasing, and rewarding NFTs, have announced its decision to sell the last 4000 pieces of the NFT Kings Crown Pass. Ownership of these NFTs, per the team, will open a sustainable money-making scheme characterized by early access to upcoming projects with huge profit-garnering prospects. Through token pre-sales and NFT pre-mints, NFT Kings aims at delivering its promise of early entry into nascent projects in the crypto and NFT spaces.

NFT Kings will guarantee Kings Crown Pass holders exclusive access to its information-replete Discord server where crucial and timely details of emerging projects are promulgated, thus offering members an opportunity to enter and make a sizable return on investments. Additionally, NFT holders will gain, yet again, exclusive entry into the NFT Kings investors' group where they can connect, share ideas, and grow with like-minded individuals.

The King's Chest

1 ETH per NFT Kings Crown Pass, this platform will allow prospective NFT owners to buy as many as possible, consequently increasing their position on the project's fair ranking ladder. Simply put, the more Crown Passes owned, the higher the rank and, in turn, benefits.

Incentivizing owners, NFT Kings in collaboration with The Kings; the highest-ranking members of the community have created a King's Chest that will offer more returns to owners, albeit depending on the number of NFT Kings Crown Pass pieces purchased.

NFT Kings has launched the unparalleled concept of Royal Tithing which will see 10% of proceeds generated from all NFT sales stored in the King's Chest. This will subsequently attract more riches to members of this exclusive group.

Trinity Growth Technique

The Kings will build a tight investment bond that will run on the Trinity Growth Technique. Introducing this model, NFT Kings will require prospective buyers to agree to purchase, if they can, three sets of NFT for any of the projects that have been stipulated by the Crown. Members may buy as many as they financially can, however, they will have to sell one to recover the cost of the other 3 NFTs. Additionally, members may decide to sell the second NFT for profit reasons and they can either keep or sell the third set as they see fit.

Integrating this majestic and viable technique, NFT Kings will ensure that all NFT Kings Crown Pass holders continue to amass wealth.

The first project in the NFT space to create a PrizeMap, NFT Kings will organize giveaways, contests, and trivials as part of its mission to duly reward Crown Pass holders after certain sale milestones are reached.

About NFT Kings

NFT Kings is a collection of rewarding NFT Kings Crown Passes that have been designed to grant owners exclusive access to a Discord server where information about upcoming projects with great returns is shared with all members. Comprising some of the top whales, investors, and VIPs, NFT Kings aims at fostering a community of like-minded individuals and a stable platform to share ideas, connect, and grow while making tons of money.

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