Pro Football Player Turned Consulting CEO Helping Entrepreneurs to Optimize Health, Life, Business and even the Bedroom

Tanqueray Towns is the founder of the wildly popular Neuro SquareTM Masterclass, a program offered by Aggressive Intelligence.

UTAH, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2022 / -- Tanqueray Towns is pleased to announce he is helping entrepreneurs and business owners to optimize their health and reach higher performance peaks in life, business, and even the bedroom.

Tanqueray Towns is an ex pro football player turned CEO of Aggressive Intelligence, a performance consulting company that provides one of the most influential personal success programs, Neuro Square Masterclass. The program helps participants to optimize their body, nutrition, and lifestyle using a model that transforms results and purpose. Neuro Square Masterclass has been so popular that some of the company’s private CEO clients have copied the system in 69+ countries.

According to Towns, there’s a real hidden issue when it comes to entrepreneurs and this “hustle” culture that breeds burnout, low sex drive, and early mortality rates. This may feel like they are not working hard enough, especially if they are still managing to find the time to take care of their health.

“What a lot of entrepreneurs are feeling is that it’s either business success or fitness,” Towns says. “Why can’t it be both? I can’t tell you how many business owners and entrepreneurs come to see me only once they have had a major health scare that forces them to focus on their health. What is surprising to most of my clients is once they focus on their health, their business, relationships, and even sex life improves. An entrepreneur's career will be littered with many battles, whether launching a new product, generating profitable returns, being a leader, or surviving psychological stress on top of daily life pressures. Sounds obvious right? But what’s not so obvious is the performance drop in their personal life, that leads so many to a hospital bed with severe health issues from bad lifestyle choices, poor stress management and terrible diets.”

As Town discusses in his program, they key to success is optimizing health, mind, and body and use them to benefit oneself in the most efficient way possible.

“The issue is, a lot of us don’t know how to be efficient,” Town continues. “We think being efficient means doing as much as possible. We’ve simplified the process and we focus on four things to build the habit of next level success: nutrition, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle. As business owners, many of us start pushing our health to the side early in our careers - we have programmed our bodies and brains to do amazing things while fueling it with terrible foods and giving ourselves little avenues for building mental stamina or managing stress. Little do we know, these things are having major negative impacts on our brain and body chemistry as well as on overall performance levels.”

What Towns’ company does is get to know each client, right down to their brain chemistry, and design programs, routines, and instill habits that extract the entrepreneur’s best results, every time. By cutting out the fluff of the fitness industry and providing sustainable personalized education based on each client, the company optimizes them in every way.

“If you look at any successful person, and you reverse engineer that success, you will find that daily habits and lifestyle are the basis of that success. We work on optimizing better daily habits that coordinates with their work schedule and lifestyle, based on the science of neuro-type training specific to high performing business owners. Coupled with accountability that is designed to help your transformation journey over the course of a year, your success is virtually guaranteed.”

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About Tanqueray Towns

Tanqueray Towns is a renowned neurological and physical training expert focusing on working with entrepreneurs and business owners to find true purpose and next level performance. He is also the CEO of Aggressive Intelligence, boasting a unique method of building custom programs for high level leadership members based around neuro-typing that gets results in all four areas of their life and performance.

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