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Giving Back: Erich Squire Shares His Dedication To Volunteer Firefighting

Erich Squire

Erich Squire

Financial Analyst Erich Squire Gives Back To His Community As A Volunteer Firefighter

PORTAGE , IN, UNITED STATES , February 17, 2022 / -- Despite a busy career as a finance professional, Erich Squire is proud to give back to the Ogden Dunes, Indiana community as a volunteer firefighter. Squire feels a special commitment to the Ogden Dunes community and is happy to spend time keeping residents safe. Here, Squire shares why he decided to become a volunteer firefighter, as well as what it takes to make it in a volunteer fire department.

Erich Squire's Commitment To Service

Erich Squire wasn't always dedicated to firefighting, but that changed after he experienced a house fire. The rapid response of the Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department saved his home. He looked around his yard, and saw his friends and neighbors, all of whom also had day-jobs, pitching in to help a neighbor in need. It was at that moment that he decided that he also wanted to do his part to keep his community safe.

After experiencing a house fire, Squire recognized how scary it can be to face the idea of losing everything a person owns. In the wake of a busy professional career, Squire found the time to train as a firefighter, allowing him to provide the same service that saved his home to others in their time of need.
Squire says that the best part about working as a volunteer firefighter is getting to be there for people in his community during their toughest moments.

What Does It Take To Serve?

The training to become a volunteer firefighter is rigorous, according to Erich Squire. All volunteer firefighters are required to complete at least 110 hours of training classes. Volunteer firefighters in training may be able to attend training classes at their fire department or may need to attend classes at a fire academy.

During firefighter training, volunteers are instructed both in the classroom and through practical, hands-on skills application sessions. In addition to education on how to prevent fires and how to provide others with tips on fire safety, volunteer firefighters also learn how to handle firefighting equipment, including hoses and axes.

Often, volunteer firefighters go through a probation period before they're officially welcomed to be a part of the team. During the probation period, firefighters get the chance to get to know other members of the fire department and put their newly-learned skills to use under the supervision of seasoned firefighting veterans.

What Education Is Required To Become A Volunteer Firefighter?

Many volunteer firefighting departments require firefighters to earn an emergency medical technician (EMT) certificate. This allows volunteer firefighters to provide lifesaving medical care to fire victims on the scene while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Volunteer fighters are typically also required to have a high school diploma. Some volunteer firefighters further their education by earning a degree in fire science.

Erich Squire recommends that those who are interested in serving as volunteer firefighters reach out to their local department to learn more about requirements and begin the training process.

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