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Global Gurus - World's Top 30 Motivational Speakers of 2022

Global Gurus TOP30 Karl Lillrud Motivational Speaker

Global Gurus TOP30 Karl Lillrud Motivational Speaker

Global Gurus TOP30 Karl Lillrud Motivational Speaker 2022

Global Gurus TOP30 Karl Lillrud Motivational Speaker 2022

Karl Lillrud, a motivational business growth speaker, is recognized as a Global Guru and on the list of the world's TOP 30 Motivational Speakers

Find your new horizons and realize there are no horizons no limits only endless possibilities”
— Karl Lillrud

MALAGA, MáLAGA, SPAIN, February 21, 2022 / -- KARL LILLRUD, a motivational business growth speaker, has been recognized as a Global Guru and on the list of TOP 30 Motivational Speakers in the World!

The Top 30 Gurus are the "Cream of the Crop." They are the World's Top 30 most influential Professional Speakers, Trainers, and Consultants in their areas and received more than 500 votes each. All apply their principles to achieve superior results in organizations. They develop and influence people and organizations worldwide.

“We are delighted to recognize Karl Lillrud's achievement” said T. A. Fahan, Global Guru's Managing Director. “We join Karl in sharing this announcement and esteemed award with colleagues, friends, and followers around the world.”

“Totally unexpected but highly appreciated being included in this incredible group of speakers and thought leaders!
I have a strong belief in sharing energy and, with experience, I inspire and show that more can be done than most believe is possible.
I transform people who transform their organizations, making use of the tools and methods I share. I don't believe, I know for a fact, that impossible tasks can be made possible with the right mindset.”
—Karl Lillrud

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About Karl Lillrud
Mini BIO:
TOP 50 eCommerce speaker, TOP 30 Business Coaches 2022, TOP 50 eCommerce expert, TOP 30 eCommerce influencer, TEDx speaker, Best selling author, and online growth mentor.
And now on the Global Gurus 2022 TOP 30 list of the world's best motivational speakers.

Karl Lillrud is known as one of the world's TOP 30 Ecommerce and Online Business experts, generating 300% increased sales. Enabling companies to transform into the world of Digital Commerce.
The world top speakers on future, innovation, and leadership for business growth online, Karl Lillrud educates your audience on subjects related to business growth, online, e-commerce, consumer behavior, internet-based business, and online strategies.
With an extensive experience from Unicorn Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries i.e. from Internet-based, E-Commerce, Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Telecom, Bank and finance, Media and more

As a speaker, Karl empower his audience by sharing his passion and experience. He makes sure that the audience leave the event with new knowledge, methods, and tools that they can apply in their environment that make their companies grow faster.

Karl Lillrud is a best-selling author of 6 books, two times TEDx speaker. Has been honored as one of the world’s top 50 ecommerce experts and world's top 30 ecommerce influencers.

He is also named as one of the world's top 50 speakers on online growth and ecommerce, and on the Top 30 list of the best Business coaches.

With a burning interest in Digital Commerce, the growth of global e-commerce and retail, Karl started to study customer behavior and customer psychology to understand the reasoning between a paying customer and a window shopper. But also, to understand why e-commerce conversion is around 3% as compared to retail conversion of around 57%.

He started his first business at age 16, today 25 years later he helps organizations like Volvo, H&M, Spotify business, AstraZeneca, 3, Tele2, TUI and many more to scale their business, convert bottlenecks to opportunities and build both internal and external success factors.

Karl helped over 1000 e-commerce stores increase their conversion and market growth worldwide and to operate more efficiently, where he generates over 300% in increased conversion.

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Why Karl Lillrud:
Karl´s driver is his personal interest and energy to create faster growing businesses by using his insight into the future, innovation experience and leadership skills.

As a speaker and mentor, he does that with his own style, which has been fine-tuned for years.

Karl analyzes the audience the energy and the interest as he present and don't use a fixed script on auto-repeat.

This connects with the customer driven and consumer insight point of view that he help companies transform into. In return, the audience receive a unique, value-focused presentation full of tools, methods and use cases as well as examples of real life experience.

Unique presentation (no reuse)
Be inspired and motivated to achieve more
Become a more effective organization
Understand the future
Drive innovation
Tools that drive expansion
Methods and processes that simplify
Dual directional leadership

The audience will be empowered with unique insight, fresh view and better understanding of what the future holds and what opportunities that has to offer.

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Karl Lillrud
Karl Lillrud
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