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Michael Anthony Cariola's newly released "Leo Rising" is a must-read novel that talks about vital issues in society.

Leo Rising

"Leo Rising" written by Michael Anthony Cariola is an insightful account that aims to enlighten the readers about a variety of societal issues around the world.

I was inspired to write Leo Rising to put into perspective how our current society’s view on sexuality and women was impelled by the male-dominant misogynistic religions that control the world stage.”
— Michael Anthony Cariola
PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2022 / -- "Leo Rising" is an engaging account that examines how today's society's outlook on sexuality and women have been influenced by the male-dominated misogynistic faiths that dictate the international stage. The narrative serves as a wake-up call that without the balancing influence of female equality, the consequence is what everyone sees today: constant conflict, hunger, greed, and environmental disregard. "Leo Rising" is the creation of published author Michael Anthony Cariola, an author who has published several books that have an underlying message which serves as either an exposé on human exploitation or as a cautionary tale. Cariola's interests include gardening, coin collecting, music, and art.

Cariola writes, "Leo Rising is a tale of epic proportions that ties together two lives separated by 13,000 years of change, yet mysteriously bound by destiny and birthright. Kala, the high priestess to Inanna the goddess of love and fertility, is a daughter of the Anakim, and descended from the Anunnaki, the gods themselves. As the grand cycle passes from the age of Virgo to the Age of Leo, what has been foretold and feared has now come to be. Kala must defend the ancient mother religion and her homeland at all costs, and prevent the bringers of a new violent religion from usurping her people's culture and freedom. The new religion of the fire-mountain god would bring war and destruction, along with slavery and misogyny in its wake. Thousands of years later, Cassie Bartoli, an astronomer at Goldstone Observatory, uncovers a secret that if allowed to go public, would upset the balance of power, bringing about the end of the present religious and political system. Simultaneously, in southern Iraq, archeologist Steve Vance unearths an ancient marvel as well as the fabled city of Ellu-Ezinu. He can now prove the Nephelim, the Sons of God written of in Genesis, were not merely a legendary race of giants. Steve also unearths powerful artifacts, but only Cassie is the key to their usage. Together, Cassie and Steve must reveal the unlikely truth to the world before their separate discoveries are forever suppressed from the planet by those who fear the loss of their power."

Published by Book Vine Press, Cariola's new book reminds everyone that those who, throughout the ages, have controlled religion and government have systematically suppressed or erased the reality of the ancient past from what people call history. The author hopes that his books will empower and enlighten readers of all ages, inspiring them to be the world's change they wish to see.

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