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How Local Business are increasing their Visibilty versus the Majors [New System]

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Over 25,000 businesses have started to increase their brand awareness with this new easy to use system

This truly is the next generation of e-commerce, with already 25,000 registered listings we know this will be hot going into 2023”
— Herman Raza

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 9, 2022 / -- iListUGo provides the ultimate connectivity platform for local businesses, encouraging communities to explore and discover the businesses that are contributing to their local economies. Through a combination of SEO, SMB Marketing, Click 2 Earn (C2E), Reviews, and more, iListUGo works hard to accelerate local businesses’ visibility in their market, improve their scalability, enhance their sales focus and generate productive leads.

Local business owners in any area or industry can reap the benefits of iListUGo’s advanced AI technology to reach new customers and build powerful relationships with their community. The company's freemium model allows for small, local businesses to take advantage of their tool at no cost, with higher tiers of membership available for entities that are interested in more levels of functionality and support.

Some of iListUGo’s unique features include:

- Video descriptions, which businesses can use to create mini-commercials for increased engagement.
- Product & service listings, which allow users to shop directly through the iListUGo directory and provide reviews / utilize coupons where applicable.
- Coupons, are for businesses to offer unique incentives to their customers.
- Event listings, where businesses can create and advertise upcoming events to the iListUGo community members.
- QR codes, for display in the shop, printed, website, or virtual storefront, creating more omnichannel dynamic engagement opportunities.
- And so much more!

A full list of iListUGo’s features can be reviewed on their website. In the words of their co-founder Herman Raza, "This truly is the next generation of e-commerce, with already 25,000 registered listings we know this will be hot going into 2023".

With many businesses competing for local visibility, there is frequently the question of just how an online platform like iListUGo can offer value. In addition to being a listing platform for businesses, iListUGo offers a robust customer management tool, which keeps track of all users that explore the business listing. This tool can be managed directly from within the comprehensive user dashboard, which allows business owners to quickly visualize their performance and make important decisions on where or how to revise their offerings, in real-time.

No business management tool would be complete without an advertising module, which would allow users to create dynamic ads to better reach their customers. With iListUGo’s advertising feature, businesses can cross-market their services across the iListUGo directory as well as social media, in the form of banner ads, promotions, contests, “special days” and more.

The iListUGo business offering comes to a full package with its built-in FREE business card offering, which allows businesses to order high-quality cards that can be distributed to interested clients, leads, and more. This feature comes included with the annual paid plan offered by iListUGo, which offers the most value to local businesses that are seeking to establish a presence within their community.

For the customer side of the equation, iListUGo offers an intuitive web page interface that can be used to navigate through business listings spanning a variety of industries and topics. Through the search feature, users can explore detailed business listings of their own interest, leaving reviews of their experience, photos, and much more. The iListUGo website also categorizes key topics, so users can easily explore local businesses related to those of their interest. By consolidating and relating businesses with their industries, iListUGo creates a sophisticated knowledge map that helps users make connections with local businesses that they may not have originally been aware of. For the small local business owner, this could be fruitful for organic discovery.

The iListUGo service has seen notoriety from reputable networks in the news and television space. Networks such as CBS News, NBC, Yahoo News, and more, have taken interest in iListUGo’s offer to businesses, which is exemplified through the networks mentioned on their home page.

Like any community-based online resource, iListUGo thrives on user input and gladly accepts business suggestions from users on their platform. Users need only suggest a business of interest and iListUGo will do the rest, bridging the gap and bringing the business into their platform.

Unlike some business listing sites that have limited industries and topics (agriculture, entertainment, or leisure), iListUGo stays keen on whatever industries are of interest to a community. On their website, users can find businesses involved in emerging topics and industries such as cryptocurrencies, mining/geology, farming, and more. By integrating these somewhat uncommon businesses, iListUGo further empowers community members to discover and enjoy their locality.

One particular business entity- Baltimore Hostel located in Maryland, USA, has already taken advantage of the iListUGo offer, advertising it’s unique experience and services to local community members that may otherwise have not known of their presence. Upon discovery of their business listing on iListUGo, users can quickly identify the business's unique locality to neighborhood shopping centers, vicinity to the Baltimore Zoo, Inner city harbor, Edgar Allen Pow Museum, customer reviews of phenomenal water pressure, in-room microwaves, and much more.

iListUGo offers more than just listing services for local businesses, it offers a full community review and network of support, which translates directly into more leads and a higher quality customer experience.

Article written by; Aleksey Weyman

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