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Gallant Token to Unleash Gnarly Knights NFT Collection on Valentine's Day

NEW YORK, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first NFT collection by Gallant Token titled the Gnarly Knights is launching on February 14th at 12pm EST. These utility-oriented NFT's are hand-drawn and designed by women. Samantha Rivera, Chief Design Officer at Gallant Token, led the design efforts with the help of contributing artist Chrystal LeGrand. Having worked on the collection for almost four months, for Samantha, it has been a labor of love. NFT enthusiasts around the world will be able to purchase a Gnarly Knight directly from the Gallant Token website on launch day.

The Story - Protecting the Real from the Fake

It's a fictional tale about an attempt to stop global leaders from trying to replace their citizens with clones that are programmed to serve their evil empire. In this sector of the metaverse it is the year 3043, freedom of expression and individuality are a threat and may be lost forever unless these Gnarly Knights can stop the corrupt plot for a new world order. What started as "copy and paste" in the digital age, has become "copy and replace".

Oscar Wilde wrote that "life imitates art far more than art imitates life" and in the case of the Gnarly Knights it's true. In the past week, more than eleven fake accounts posing as Gallant Token and the Gnarly Knights have been found on the world's leading NFT marketplace Opensea. The Gallant Token team reached out to Opensea's support team to have the accounts removed.

NFT Utility

Steven Walters, CEO of Gallant Token, believes that in 2022 NFT collectors will be looking for much more than the digital representation of art. The Gnarly Knights collection offers built-in utilities that incentivize owners to "hodl" their collection for the long term. Receiving NFT character packs and in-game assets for all games produced by Gallant Token is only the start. Essentially the Gnarly Knight is VIP Pass for all things in their gaming ecosystem. Some current utilities are listed below:

  • NFT Staking - Stake your Gnarly Knight NFT to earn while you hold
  • Game Assets - Receive NFT assets for all games
  • Rewards - Automatic eligibility for giveaways and airdrops
  • Access - Membership & Access to all Gallant events - Beta testing
  • Whitelist - All holders receive premium access to future mints

What's Next

After the Valentine's Day launch, Gallant Token will follow the Gnarly Knights' minting roadmap outlined on their website, giving away prizes in the process. Minters can win prizes ranging from gaming consoles to the grand prize. Prizes will be purchased after each phase of completion.

The conclusion of the NFT sale is just the beginning for the gaming studio. Jake Hester and Michael Hayden of Gallant Token have spent several weeks outlining and redefining the final scope for Gallant Arena, an NFT fighting game. Gnarly Knight holders will receive a NFT starter pack to kick off the first asset drops. The core team behind the project look forward to expanding their reach globally and making an impact in the blockchain gaming space.

About Gallant Token

Gallant is a development studio creating gaming applications that utilize blockchain technology integrated with play-to-earn mechanics across multiple platforms.

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