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A girl who’s lost everything discovers strength through dance & artistry in Little Girl Can Dance, by Tricia D. Wagner

Tricia D. Wagner, Author Photo

Tricia D. Wagner, Author

Little Girl Can Dance - Book Cover

Little Girl Can Dance

Little Girl Cand Dance Book and Author Photo

Little Girl Can Dance, by Tricia D. Wagner

Artistry, dance, and imagination—these are Andromeda’s wells of nourishment and her weapons. Though they might help her survive, they could also destroy her.

A dancer. A creature. A spire-capped and lonely boarding school. This fusion of poetic prose and imagination plunges you into Andromeda’s world. Prepare to have your heart broken and mended again.”
— Eleanor Hawken, author of The Blue Lady and Sammy Feral’s Diaries of Weird
ROCKFORD, IL, USA, February 15, 2022 / -- Eleven-year-old Andromeda finds herself in a misfitting situation. Her father has died, and her mother has given her up. Andromeda's confidence cannot be easily shaken, though, for she feels that her mother never would have abandoned her “if she’d known how this little girl can dance.”

Living in a temporary home, lacking all stability, Andromeda relies on her creature, Blunder, and her next-door neighbor Spike, who proves a true friend. “Most things untie themselves and drift away,” says Andromeda of Spike. “He’s the one thing that, even if pushed, keeps coming back.”

But Andromeda’s displacement is far from over. She's sent to live at a boarding school for “at-risk” girls. A boarding school that—heaven forbid—does not allow dancing.

At the boarding school, she’s viewed as different. Weird. An outcast. And the cruel boarding school caste system—which Andromeda sees as a barbaric machine—might prove powerful enough to destroy her.

In this beautifully written, modern retelling of the Greek Andromeda myth—in six smashing movements—Wagner shares Andromeda’s poignant refusal to accept her exile.
Wagner’s Andromeda, while holding true to herself and standing up for others, resists succumbing to the forces targeting her, pressuring her to believe that she’s trapped as "a bottom rung girl.”

And she does so with the only weapons she’s got – creativity, imagination, artistry, and dance.

Through masterful writing that sweeps at a wonderful pace, Wagner moves Andromeda into tight places, no less dreadful than the rock with its chain and the coming sea monster afflicting the Andromeda of Euripides’ 5th century myth.

“Through careful word choice and design, Tricia D. Wagner paints a compelling picture about a young girl who must rely primarily on herself to keep her place in the world. Blending magical realism with difficult human situations, this book gives readers a thought-provoking perspective on what it is to belong. This is a story that will resonate with both young adult and adult readers alike.”
- Mary Lanni, Reedsy Discovery

“The story of Andromeda will reach anyone who has ever felt abandoned or alone in the world.” - Debbie Winnekins Deutsch, author of the YA novel, Throw Away Sisters

Wagner expertly crafts a story about finding oneself, about the liberty of discovering one’s inner strength, and about the potential that art carries to bring healing and help us survive. Adult lovers of young adult (YA) and literary fiction, as well as YA and older middle-grade readers, will relate to Andromeda’s desperation to break free from the voices pressuring her to devalue herself, to conform.


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