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WHO and WHAT IS GOD?: An exciting journey of discovery

The Curiosity of Human Beings towards God’s Teachings and Ideologies

“God allows us to experience the low points of life to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.” —”
— C.S. Lewis.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2022 / -- Many people have strong principles about God but do they study hard and inspect to find out who and what God is? Thus, Brian H. Butler published his book title, WHO and WHAT IS GOD? : An exciting journey of discovery. The book is about God, theology, Theo-God, and logos-word. The knowledge of God can only be valid when the Bible is studied carefully by each individual with the direct help of God’s Spirit.

The purposes and goals are to provide a resource to anyone whose ‘eyes and ears’ are being unwrapped by our Father, the Almighty God, to learn about Him. The information in it is not coming from any religious ideas. It is entirely based on the original manuscripts that make up the Holy Bible, the instruction manual for human life. Further, the book shall help to explain the answer to the question so many have in their minds, “How can a God of love allow all the horrendous evil that exists in this world?” It goes on to offer more detail about the glorious future human beings will have as God’s children for eternity.

“This book was a wonderful book, and humble. Brian did a great job with the simplicity of God’s Word. I like the part about creation and how Brian got right down to the power and energy of God’s Spirit. How the power of God is still a mystery, and always will be...The respect I got from this book for God’s creative acts, praise the Lord. It is an eye-opener to read this book. The development of true spirituality. ‘Attitude is everything. Willingness to change and continual repentance is the only safe way forward for those who are now in Christ.’ God bless you all, get
this book!” — Anthony Almeida, Amazon customer review.

Brian H. Butler aka B Butler grew up in a religious family. At the age of twenty-nine years old, in 1964, he attended college, majored in Theology, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. His work with a church ended in 1976 due to doctrinal differences. For the next 25 years, he pioneered systematic kinesiology, a form of natural health care, ran a clinic, and taught thousands about preventive health. In the early and late 2000s, he focused again on investigating and studying theology and the Holy Bible. In 2019, he published this book. The realization of the best nature of God has changed his whole view of this human life.

WHO and WHAT IS GOD? : An exciting journey of discovery
Written by: Brian H. Butler aka B Butler
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