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The automobile is a part of both American personal and professional life. Americans rely on their ability to drive a motor vehicle to live out their lives.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is prepared to help companies grow their revenue through increased sales. For companies that work directly with other businesses, business postal mailing lists are available to connect specific products or services with the commercial or industrial organizations that need them most.

For those businesses that work with the general public, consumer postal mailing lists are also available. Wherever a business needs to reach a broad market, the right area and demographics can be targeted for a higher engagement rate, response, and sales.

The Start Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was founded by a disabled veteran who decided. After completing the duties given from military service, the next step was to focus on the economy by helping businesses to grow. The company has grown steadily from that simple idea and today sports staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began operations in a period of transition. Analog marketing techniques were dominant, so the company entered the direct mail industry. However, early overtures of promising new digital marketing techniques were on the horizon, though not yet in widespread use as they had yet to prove themselves. However, direct mail taught the company key lessons in data acquisition, management, and distribution.

When digital came to the fore, and the platform's advantages became obvious, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made an easy transition with its data-based management techniques, enjoying an early mover advantage into digital that translated into big sales for the company’s clients.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing greatly expanded its range of services. Initially servicing only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, the company now offers marketing data for the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Clients who want to access all North America’s markets can also get market data for Mexico and Canada. And for businesses wishing to expand to international waters, marketing data from across the Atlantic is available for European Union nations such as France.

The Interrelationship Of Gas Station Infrastructure
As with any component of the business world, the gas station and gas station owners occupy a single role while at the same time being at the center of their complex web of business, commodity, and financial relationships with a lot of overlap and business possibilities.

Few Americans realize it, but the gas station is not just all over America; it is a uniquely American idea. Gas pumps had existed since the 1880s, as parts of other businesses, but the world’s first purpose-built gas station to open to customers occurred in 1905, in St. Louis, Missouri. The second opened up in 1907, in California, by Standard Oil, which continues to operate to this very day as the petroleum company Chevron.

Today, of course, the gas station is now a fixture throughout the United States; whether in a rural area or heavily urbanized population center, anyone that owns an automobile that runs on gasoline requires a periodic visit to a gas station. However, the gas station itself has undergone significant technological and customer service potential changes in the century since it has been in operation. Gas stations are now constructed far more safely and efficiently, but they are now more than gas stations. Refueling a vehicle will always be the primary function of a gas station. Still, they have branched out now in terms of offerings, services, and even value propositions for different kinds of drivers. This means that gas stations offer many more marketing and business opportunities, depending on the type of product or service marketed to them. Many more decision-makers are involved, from the gas station owner to partners in ancillary business operations that work with the gas station itself.

Premium Brands
One of the givens is that major petroleum companies have an extensive infrastructure for gas stations that spans the entire country. Big names such as Shell, Chevron, and Exxon, to name a few, are familiar sights in American towns, cities, and highways. Unlike other countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, American gas stations are not owned by the state but instead run by large, multi-national corporations and small business owners. The premium brands are examples of the larger national and multi-national companies with an extensive reach.

However, whether large or small, it’s important to remember that individual gas stations are franchises, meaning that even a premium gas station is not run strictly by more extensive the more significant management of the parent company but a business person that has invested in the franchise and is still looking for ways to get a better return on that investment.

Convenience Brands
It’s no longer just big petroleum companies that have the financial muscle to offer franchises around the country. More and more convenience store companies such as 7-11 or Circle K have expanded their services into the fuel provision industry.

For these businesses, it’s a natural extension of the convenience store philosophy of quickly entering a single facility to get whatever goods are required, only now, instead of just snack foods or certain types of grocery product, there is the added lure of being able to refuel an automobile as well. This ability to offer gasoline and a range of food items and other consumer retail products with either large, branded companies or smaller regional or even local businesses. As a result, there is a vast potential marketing footprint in these convenience store franchised gas stations.

Discount Brands
There are also gas stations that offer lower pricing on gasoline, but they are typically attached to a larger retail organization. Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco are examples of this type of “discount gas station.” They offer lowering pricing on gas but often require that to access that gas station, a special membership is required. In other words, subscription or membership dues reward the customer with special discounts at the store and lower gas prices should they choose to the station at the discount facility.

In these cases, the gas station owner can sometimes be a point of contact towards larger product or service offers with the management of a more prominent company. Products and services may be relevant to the gas station or to the host facility on which the gas station is based for even more significant marketing potential.

It’s not strictly large corporations that have a stake in gas stations. All businesses started once as small businesses, and in many areas, small businesses still flourish even under the shadow of bigger ones. Independently owned restaurants, for example, have not been wiped out by McDonald’s. The same is valid with gas stations, where there are still small, independently owned stations throughout America.

In these cases, the gas station owners are not beholden to a more extensive franchise protocol, so there’s much more freedom to acquire products and services. Marketing opportunities can make a big difference if the right product or service is offered to the right gas station owner.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different products and services that can benefit from marketing to gas stations of all sizes, including: Food & Beverage.

Perhaps one of the most popular purchases that people make on the road is eating or drinking. While big brand snacks and sodas will always be available at nearly any gas station, there’s also a market for premium products and better quality food or drink. This is especially true for regional favorites. If there is a local brand of food, snack, or beverage that does well in other retail settings, adding gas stations to the possible channels of sale can be a good idea.

Smaller items are easily lost, especially on the road, and this is one area where gas stations are handy for drivers. The smaller size of some accessories and the rush people are sometimes in when leaving can require immediate replacement, especially if the addition was important.

Some accessories are more for fashion, such as sunglasses or various implements for hair like ribbons, scrunchies, and others. Other accessories, however, may be required for recreation or even work purposes, such as needing a charging cable for a device like a phone or a tablet or earphones to listen to audio in privacy. Marketing these products to gas stations can make for significant growth in sales.

Gas stations are also significant real estate and financial investments. It’s not unusual for a gas station owner to have invested a few million dollars into a single franchise facility. This means that for insurance, real estate, or even upgrading purposes to increase value, there are a lot of marketing opportunities here.

By appealing to the economic and business side of gas station owners, different financial products and services can do everything from providing real estate opportunities for expanding other franchises to protecting the investment with a better insurance policy. It’s just a matter of seeing the needs a gas station business owner has and approaching them to offer the relevant product or service.

Gas Station Owners Are Made Up Of Different Demographics
In the same way that not all vehicle owners have different priorities and needs, the same is valid for gas station owners. Depending on their location and focus, what is of interest to one gas station owner may not be relevant to another. However, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has comprehensive lists for gas station owners all across the country that are not one single, messy list but broken down according to different metrics.

The lists have been ethically and meticulously compiled, using official government sources, such as the Department of Energy and other Federal, State, and municipal agencies. Each list is verified and updated to ensure currency and relevance.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has gas station owner lists to meet geographic demand. Whether targeting only gas station owners in one urban center, like New Orleans, or a broad marketing attempt to approach every gas station owner in the Deep South, the database offers contact details at the municipal, regional, state, and national levels.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing also categorizes gas station owners according to different metrics. So if a business wishes to offer food and beverage products and wants to approach only gas stations with a convenience store or other food and drink vending facility, that specific breakdown is available. These contact details exist in multiple formats depending on marketing needs. Physical mailing addresses are always available for direct mail marketing, but email addresses can also be accessed for digital marketing purposes. Telemarketing efforts can use phone numbers, while cellular phone numbers will be helpful for any SMS/text-based marketing efforts.

Some clients may want to oversee a direct mail campaign directly but feel uncertain due to a lack of experience. In these cases, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This is a step-by-step guided process through every stage, from conception to design to manufacturing and ultimately distribution. All stages occur under one roof, with no need to outsource additional vendors for the different phases.

If interested in contacting gas station owners throughout the United States, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We can get the gas station owner list you need in the preferred format for your goals. When working with us, you’re supporting an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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