Water Marketplace and ReFi Innovator Set to Launch

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Web 3.0 Innovator and Regenerative Finance leader, NeptuneChain has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace and the beta release of its nutrient pollution pilot exchange. The DEX will allow its users to stake in the proofing network for water quality by connecting structured watershed databases with the blockchain. The platform aims to simplify removing pollutants from United States waterways.

What is NeptuneChain?

NeptuneChain was co-founded and led by a team of recent graduates looking to empower communities and enhance the environment with technology. The project developed from a passion for helping landowners navigate the complications of establishing and maintaining a regenerative and profitable nutrient bank. NeptuneChain prides itself on assisting landowners in harnessing the power of blockchain to sell nutrient pollution credits for Nitrogen and

The NeptuneChain ecosystem connects the digital infrastructure of nutrient banks with Web3 bridging platforms, blockchains, and smart contracts in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. The dashboard reports profit from removals, staking, and additional yield opportunities that come with the tokenization of digital water products. The NeptuneChain team has launched an NFT marketplace on OpenSea and mint.neptunechain.io to finance the growth and scalability of its operation.

Whether they are servicing the water rights needs of property owners or water quality accreditation, NeptuneChain is here to help create and maintain a network of regenerative nutrient bank’s. The web app consolidates thousands of historical and current data points of watersheds across millions of acres of impaired waters across the country.

Platform Features

The beta platform provides users with several abilities, including:
- Exchange certified permanent and revolving removals.
- Viewing the historical records of watersheds and water quality.
- Consultations regarding local land planning, permitting, planting, and accreditation.
- Play2Earn and Learn2Earn cryptocurrency games that teach about water quality best management practices.

NeptuneChain saves users hundreds of hours of due diligence that comes with implementing best management practices (BMPs) and accreditation to help landowners make money with Web 3.0.

The Team

Initially, the project's founders aligned on one common understanding; that watersheds across America are defenseless, and communities are at risk. They decided to create NeptuneChain to streamline the process of water quality trading. In 2021, the #NeptuneTeam began creating a marketplace for verified Nitrogen and Phosphorous offsets, known as "water quality credits" in the United States.

Jacques Jean - the company's Executive Officer and Founder, describes himself as a "passionate environmentalist" who hails from St. John's University in Queens, New York. He leads a team of seven entrepreneurs working with seven advisors spanning multiple states.

More Information

NeptuneChain helps landowners navigate the complications of land planning, permitting, planting, and end-to-end nutrient removal accreditation. As a leader in Web3 transformations, NeptuneChain helps landowners harness the power of blockchain to sell nutrient pollution credits.

Get in touch with the NeptuneChain team to see if their service can help generate nutrient credits!

Those interested in checking out the NeptuneChain platform will be able to use its NFT marketplace today! The platform is user-friendly by design, and it works well for beginners and experienced NFT collectors alike. To participate in the beta launch or find out more information, visit the project's Discord.

NeptuneChain Team