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Dr. Chris Palmer, a low vision specialist, has become a ray of hope for people suffering from macular degeneration

Using surgical loupe-grade devices, Dr. Palmer provides custom prescription glasses to patients.

USA, January 30, 2022 / -- Dr. Chris Palmer, a low vision optometrist, operates his independent practice, Low Vision Restoration, to help people with vision loss caused by various eye conditions, particularly macular degeneration, with customized corrective eyewear. With offices located in Coon Rapids and Inver Grove Heights, he empowers his patients to regain control of their lives and engage in activities they love to do. Those activities can include driving, reading, seeing faces, doing their favorite pastimes, and watching television.

Dr. Palmer serves patients from Minnesota and surrounding states; however, patients are not restricted to these regions. Patients have traveled from various parts of the globe, such as Africa and Canada to receive their custom glasses. “I was born with ocular albinism and was told I wouldn't be able to get a driver's license. When I heard about these telescopic glasses, I was curious but skeptical. With Dr. Palmer's help, I am able to drive and able to enjoy the world from a distance instead of having to get up close to everything to see.” Said Fafa Y., a Concordia College graduate and IT professional from Africa and Dr. Palmer’s patient.

“Suffering from vision loss has considerable impact on the physical well-being as well as on the mental health of the patient. My mission is to help them live their lives to the fullest, even after suffering from vision loss,” said Dr. Chris Palmer, a member of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) – a network of low vision optometrists.

Impaired vision results from a wide range of eye conditions such as macular degeneration, albinism, retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts, and Stargardt disease. The patients lose their ability to carry out basic life tasks such as driving, reading, watching television, and much more. “I aim to help patients fully engage in their pastimes, and that is the reason we work closely with each patient, conducting an in-depth analysis of their condition and prescribing surgical-grade, hands-free glasses that assist them in their daily chores and give them an option to enjoy activities they have always loved,” Dr. Palmer added.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) often leads to significant vision loss in people over 60. It can hurt their mental well-being as it can triggers social isolation, helplessness, and depression. A low vision specialist such as Dr. Chris Palmer is specially trained to treat degenerative eye conditions. “AMD is a fairly common condition in people. The average age of my patients is 84 years old. Hence, I see a lot of people suffering from macular degeneration. To ensure long-term results, I believe in a task-based approach. We start with performing a thorough examination of the patient’s remaining vision before designing customized vision options and charting the rest of the course of treatment,” Dr. Palmer added.

“I felt like Dr. Palmer took his time and gave me a thorough exam in regards to my macular degeneration. There are no magic bullets, but I see better with my new glasses with prisms. I enjoy reading, and as long as I have adequate light and wear my new glasses, I can read large print books,” said Pat P., one of Dr. Palmer’s patients.

One of the distinguished services provided by Dr. Palmer is the process wherein the doctor and patient work together with the glasses before they are ordered, which means they are thoroughly tested and demonstrated so the patient knows what to expect. Another key part of the process is a free phone consultation.

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