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Asia Global Partnership Conglomerate Proposal Deal With Max Sound Corp Rakuten Sony Pictures and Japan Media Companies

Conglomerate Deal With Asia's Entertainment Co in MAX-D HD AUDIO Full High-Speed Streaming Includes Biometric Audio Security and InGroundAssets Platform

Max Sound Corp (OTCMKTS:MAXD)

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / -- via マフィップ - - announce that Max Sound Corp (OTCMKTS: MAXD) has agreed to a Joint Venture Agreement with マフィップ to promote MAXD Patented Biometric Audio Security with the Trademarked MAX-D HD Audio and full high-speed Video and Data Transmission Technology in a conglomerate deal that includes Max Sound Corp flag ship InGroundAssets platform in the upcoming global partnership alliance in Tokyo, Japan 2022.

Through マフィップ new franchise brand series in Tokyo, Japan, Max Sound Corp products to be integrated into the following production:

Anime - Direct production, music, streaming, CD/DVD distribution
Live Action Film - Direct production, cinema, TV, music CD/DVD, streaming, distribution
Other Market - Audio books, games, mobile, music, and streaming opportunities

“This joint venture will be lucrative globally for all partnerships in all areas of this conglomerate deals as the organization showcase Max Sound Corp diversified portfolio to the company’s affiliation Rakuten Group Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Inc. and several high-profile Japan media/publication entertainment companies in a broad range of market channels utilizing the company’s products. マフィップ is very pleased with Sony Pictures reviewing the new franchise brand series in the anime live action-drama film production as more high-profile companies to join this lucrative project. With Sony Pictures and Japan entertainment companies background and experience bringing this beloved light novel series to life to the worldwide audience is a great honor.” stated Alex C Cheng, Senior Management of マフィップ.

“MAX-D is delighted to be working with マフィップ. Through the company’s diversified product line, we are excited to be able to offer a variety of products that includes InGroundAssets platform to the partnerships and to マフィップ our patented audio technology to enhance the experience in hearing high-definition audio in a wide range of market opportunities for all partnerships involved.” stated Greg Halpern, CEO of Max Sound Corp.

In the coming several months, マフィップ to close revenue deals between the leading Japan media, publication, and entertainment companies to involve a licensing agreement with several NASDAQ and NYSE streaming companies through the representation of the Japan companies. マフィップ has already begun taking the necessary steps in documentation and marketing plan to continue securing deals that includes a multi-million contractual licensing brand agreement in Tokyo, Japan.

Asia’s public stock trading companies such as Japan’s premier tech brand Rakuten (Tokyo: 4755.T, US Market OTC: RKUNY) and South Korea leading online advertising service YES24 (KOSDAQ: 053280.KQ) are several マフィップ international key distributors carrying the new franchise brand series. The light novel series marketing promotion is presently with Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Inc. (Tokyo: 6758.T, US Martket NYSE: SONY).

After the global partnership alliance negotiation deals, a full marketing campaign to commence with the new franchise brand series that includes Max Sound Corp Patented Biometric Audio Security Trademarked MAX-D HD Audio and the company’s flag ship InGroundAssets platform throughout Japan and Asia region.

With the global partnership alliance, allows open doors to a diversified portfolio of Max Sound Corp flag ship to generate an expecting revenue and profit to exceed $100 million dollars annually based on Max Sound Corp existing contracts & Q4 run rate with all partnerships involved.

Additional joint Japan business venture updates will be made available in future global press release as details acceptable to マフィップ and its affiliates.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Inc. offers TV programs and movies. The Company plans, produces, sells, leases, broadcasts, and distributes TV programs, movies, videos, and audio-visual software. Sony Pictures Entertainment also offers broadcasting services.

Rakuten Group, Inc. provides Internet services. The Company offers Internet finance services which including "Rakuten Card" and "Rakuten Bank". Rakuten Group also provides digital content services including electronic book services.

YES24 CO., LTD is a Korea-based company engaged in the operation of online shopping mall. The Company offers books, music records, compact discs (CDs), digital versatile discs (DVDs), gift products, cosmetics electronic books and more.

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