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Blogger Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati Nomad Lost his job as a pilot of 12 years with Etihad Airways

Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati Nomad

Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati Nomad 2

Blogger Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati Nomad Lost his job as a pilot of 12 years with Etihad Airways

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 21, 2022 / -- Blogger Faisal Alnaqbi Aka Emirati Nomad Lost his job as a pilot of 12 years with Etihad Airways. In an interview with him, he said that he sponsored an ex-colleague of his who wanted to open his own business and Faisal have helped him make that happen. Faisal then continues that he helped this colleague for free because he said that he wants to make money so he can buy a house for his mom in Lebanon, which Faisal found as a good gesture and wanted to help the guy for free.

The story started in 2016 when XXXXXXXXX an ex-colleague of Faisal AlNaqbi asked him for a favour since he is the only Emirati person he knows as he claimed. He told him he wants to open his own business so he can make money and buy a house for his Mom in Lebanon. Faisal said when he saw that this person is doing good to his Mom he grew respect for him and decided to help him for free.

Little did Faisal know that this would affect him so much and hurt him a lot at work. so years later while Faisal on his way to a flight to Manila on 19th November 2019. While passing through the E-Gate, it gave him an error saying access denied. And immediately he heard the immigration officer calling his name while looking at the captain and telling him please go we will get you someone else. Faisal Describes the shock as it was embarrassing and he have never been put in such situations before. After 20 minutes of detention, the Officer came back with Faisal's Passport and he told him that he has a court case and a travel ban with one month sentence. Faisal Describes that he felt numb from the shock and that his whole body started to become numb. The officer said it’s a money related case which Faisal then said that he doesn't owe anyone anything except to the bank which blocked the amount before his salary even goes to his account. The officer said that's its not bank related and its business related to a shop or rent in Sharjah. Thats when it hit faisal about the business he sponsored.

The Officer was kind enough to let Faisal go and sort out his issue. Faisal Called xxxxxxx and asked him if it’s true and the person said yes he was facing financial issues. Faisal Says”I was really mad, I was fuming from anger that I helped him and for free and in return I get into trouble like that.

Faisal then tried his best to find a lawyer and to fix the issue but without much success. He was Placed on unpaid leave for 13 Months and he Said Etihad was completely supportive and understanding to his case and he appreciate that a lot. During these 13 months unpaid leave he contacted the lawyer and the court and tried to reach to settlement but without any luck. He was left only with one option which was to resign to get his end of service so he can pay the court in instalments.

Faisal Alnaqbi expresses that during these 13 months and specially the first few months were extremely heavy mentally and he wasn’t able to sleep well. He explains that he couldn’t feel his body as the numbness started increasing and he would feel as if he is floating from the stress level that has hit him.

“I couldn’t feel my arm sometimes, or I would get a nervous shock in my arm and suddenly it would move and make a reflex suddenly because of the anger and pain I was holding inside” Faisal said. He then continues “I became completely broke and finished all my savings, I was looking between my drawers for coins just to buy a bag of bread so I don’t sleep hungry, I was feeling ashamed as well as I’m the supporter of my family. Im the eldest, my father passed away in 2009 and my mom doesn’t work and my 2 young brothers in university. So I’m the man of the family and I feel ashamed I cannot support my family or my self anymore. I feel completely broken and tired mentally and physically. The person who made the case against me I have explained to him many times that my father is dead, my mom doesn’t work and I’m the family supporter, and that I’m not a rich person as someone would think of an Emirati Pilot. I burst into tears and begged him to remove the travel ban so I can at least fly and then from my salary I can pay him slowly, and he refused. This guy knows I’m innocent and that I have nothing to do with the business but he was insisting on his money as if I was the one who robbed him.”

Faisal was in heavy tears explaining that he started to go into severe depression and it became so dark that he cannot leave his bed for days or sometimes weeks. “I though about ending my life” Faisal Said “Because then maybe that cruel person would be happy if he collects my life insurance money. He didn’t care about ending my career, he was so much focused on getting his money that he didn’t care what damage he is causing with this travel ban he put on my name. He could have lifted it and I could have stayed working and paying him slowly. But I pray from the bottom of my heart that God shows him way more than what he have done to me. I have started to see a Psychiatrist and a psychologist. I cannot trust people anymore and I’m suffering from a lot of anxiety and depression and I will not forgive these people who destroyed my life and career.”

Faisal's last wish in our interview is to go back to aviation and end this nightmare

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