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Oasis renews SAS-SM certification for its eSIM Subscription Manager

Oasis Smart SIM announces its SAS-SM accreditation renewal with its certified Oasis SM-DP/SR/DP+ deployments under the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme.

This renewal of the GSMA's certification shows the great work done by the Oasis Smart SIM team. We maintained a highly secure, reliable and top-of-the-line mode of operation.”
— Olivier Leroux, CEO & President of Oasis Smart SIM

PARIS, ILE-DE-FRANCE, FRANCE, January 24, 2022 / -- Oasis Smart SIM has renewed SAS-SM certification for its eSIM Subscription Manager at the end of 2021. The company was evaluated by independent auditors chosen by the GSMA to verify evidence of compliance to the requirements listed in SGP.16 and SGP.24. The Certificate of Compliance illustrating the Oasis Smart SIM GSMA compliance status is available on the GSMA website and on this page.

With its renewed certification, Oasis Smart SIM will continue providing secure remote SIM provisioning for consumer devices with the highest level of security and interoperability. The company also demonstrates its continuous commitment to adhere to the heightened expectations for operators, communications service providers (CSPs) and private network owners.

The Oasis DP+ infrastructure is integrated within Oasis Smart SIM’s Digital Connect offer, a service aligned with telcos’ urgent needs to provide strong digital experience to their eSIM users. It is a plug-n-play feature composed of digital blocks such as an Orchestration Layer, FIDO, eKYC and DES capabilities, in addition to profile reuse capabilities or Oasis’ In-App provisioning feature. This provides CSPs and operators with strong value-added elements to provide reliable, fast, secure and fully digital experiences to their users on multiple devices, with various deployment models to address telcos’ unique needs.

Olivier Leroux, CEO & President of Oasis Smart SIM, said:
“This renewal of the certification provided by GSMA is a recognition of the amazing work done by the Oasis Smart SIM team in maintaining a highly secure, reliable and top-of-the-line mode of operation. Oasis Smart SIM designs and develops Remote SIM Provisioning solutions that are at the forefront of the industry requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, scalability, and security. This renewed certification allows Oasis Smart SIM to continue providing platforms, solutions, and services that facilitate the adoption of eSIM, whether in the consumer market or the M2M market worldwide.”

Oasis Smart SIM is a key player for developing and providing eSIM connectivity solutions for consumer devices worldwide, in line with the growing demand of eSIM-compliant devices. The company is also GSMA certified for SM-DP/SR (Data Preparation and Secure Routing), the GSMA framework for remote provisioning of M2M devices, as well as GSMA SGP.11 and SGP.05, enabling OEMs and MNOs to embed, deploy and connect eSIM solutions in connected devices.


About Oasis Smart SIM:

Established in 2011, Oasis Smart SIM is a France and Singapore-based company simplifying Telcos, Service Providers and OEMs’ adoption of eSIM by providing a range of GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructures, platforms and services designed to facilitate the technology adoption. Founded by veterans of the SIM industry with the vision to drive global adoption of eSIMs, Oasis Smart SIM is now a member of the GSMA and TCA (Trusted Connectivity Alliance), ranked by Counterpoint Research as one of the top 10 GSMA-Certified eSIM technology providers in the world.
Today, Oasis has recognized the eSIM complexity and focused its capabilities on designing solutions to simplify and outsource eSIM processes and technologies ownership for enterprises and end-users, so that they can naturally transition from traditional SIM to eSIM, thanks to products like Digital Connect or CRP. Oasis Smart SIM is a subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited, a digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy.

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