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Wayfound Launches New Approach to Combat Mental Health Crisis

Wayfound BOS

New BOS Online delivers innovative mental health resiliency programming to public safety employees and other at-risk groups

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 17, 2022 / -- Wayfound Mental Health Group is proud to announce BOS Online, an innovative new approach to the popular resiliency-based, science-backed BOS (Before Operational Stress) Program. In these unprecedented times, frontline workers face more mental health challenges than ever before. Public safety employees are exposed to operational stress every day as they do their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they have to accept the life challenges of that stress. The BOS Program empowers public safety employees to take charge of their mental health by providing resiliency training and strategies to ward off the impacts of operational stress. Now, BOS Online makes this revolutionary program widely available to frontline workers and other at-risk groups – any time, anywhere – through an easy-to-use online format.

BOS Online:
• Available to all frontline and high-risk workers at a reasonable price.
• Easily accessible, user-friendly online education platform.
• Participants can complete at their own pace.
• Facilitated by three renowned experts in the field of public safety mental health.
• Brings the same scientific rigour as the original BOS Program to measure, track, and deliver positive mental health outcomes.
• To Register visit

“The BOS Program has been delivering mental health resiliency programming to public safety personnel for some time now – and it has been making a measurable difference. But what we heard time and time again from public safety employees is they want greater access to the program,” said Dr. Megan McElheran, CEO of Wayfound Mental Health Group. We’ve heard you. This new online application allows all at-risk groups to access the programming at their own pace, at a time and format that suits them. It will carry the same scientific rigour as the original BOS Program to ensure it remains effective. We hope BOS Online becomes a key part of the ongoing mental health strategies for all public safety personnel.”

“Having delivered the BOS program to hundreds of frontline workers across Canada, it was a natural step to adapt the content to a more accessible format to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our public safety personnel,” said Dr. Milena Spasojevic, BOS Chief Clinical Officer.

“If the pandemic has taught us anything its that mental health services needed to shift into the digital era in which we live. For too long, geography has been a barrier to accessing mental health support in Canada and we couldn’t be more excited that the BOS Program can now connect with uniformed service members and their families no matter where the reside in the country,” said Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada

About Wayfound Mental Health Group:

Wayfound Mental Health Group Inc., and its predecessor companies, have been proudly serving the community since 1999.  Wayfound has grown to become a national mental health service provider and, in addition to work in psychedelic training, is focused on innovation in mental health program development and delivery. The mental health professionals at Wayfound bring years of experience working with clients across the lifespan and suffering from a range of mental health conditions. Wayfound has a long track record supporting first responders and public safety personnel who have suffered operational stress injuries in the line of duty. The organization believes that access to mental health care should be a right, not a privilege, and they advocate for the importance of mental health care being as commonplace as physical health care.

BOS, a division of Wayfound Mental Health Group, encompasses a suite of research-backed, proactive, resiliency-based programs for public safety and other at-risk groups. Through the charitable backing of Wounded Warriors Canada, the BOS (Before Operational Stress) Program was developed in 2018 by Wayfound CEO, Dr. Megan McElheran and is led by Dr. Milena Spasojevic, BOS Chief Clinical Officer.

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