Metaverse NFT project of 2022: Keys to the Metaverse

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, January 14, 2022 / -- The past year saw the interest in NFTs skyrocket to unprecedented levels. The new year 2022 started again with a big splash for this industry. The interest in the Metaverse and everything it can be spiked the sales to record levels in the first weeks of 2022. One such interesting project in this space is the Keys to the Metaverse NFTs. This is a collection of uniquely designed keys that mesmerizes viewers in many angles. NFT collectors are rushing to own these incredible keys for the artistic value it provides and also the deep sentimental value each element in the key carries.

What is so special about the Keys?

At the first glance, each key just looks intriguing. At the second glance, it makes your mind wonder why it is designed in the manner it is. And then it makes you notice the specific traits that will kindle your interest to know more. A simple pixel NFT key that is power packed with deep symbolism and information that gets more interesting the further we dig it. The head or the bow of each key represents an animal, profession or mythology. The Keys those have Key fobs represent lucky charms, futuristic concepts, objects etc. The Key chains vary to a great deal and consist of different metals, patterns etc. In short these Keys to the Metaverse NFTs in a way represent the Noah’s ark. Its as if this project is meant to transport all the essentials from this world to the upcoming Metaverse in the form of NFTs.

As the project page reads: “The Keys to the Metaverse is the intersection where advanced Science -meets- Ancient hidden knowledge. Where the known boundaries of science end, starts a mystic bridge leading to un-limited possibilities. Each Key is one such bridge. It is for those who are heading towards the future” .

And looking at each of the NFTs the above explanation seems very apt. Infact when deciding to choose a key, it becomes very difficult as each and every key looks significant. This is one of the reason, the project sees collectors owning more than one key each. Also many users own these keys to the Metaverse NFTs for a deeper sentimental value than just flipping it.

NFT Project vision

Apart from looking adorable as an artwork, the project also seems to have an ambitious roadmap. But before looking at the roadmap, we would like to remind you that you buy these Metaverse NFTs only for what it is now ie. the art and not for what is coming in the roadmap. As the team behind the project feel that the entire NFT industry is fast evolving and maybe the roadmap itself may change based on the need of the hour. Having said that lets look at the 3 most important items the team is working on:

- Cross chain NFTs: The Keys to the Metaverse NFT project aims to soon build a bridge between different blockchains, so the owners of the Keys can easily teleport their holdings to the blockchain of their choice.
- Programmable NFTs: Another incredible roadmap the project is heading towards is to make each of the NFTs programmable by extending a sophisticated API layer. If such an API layer is preset with proper documentation, any app or game in the Metaverse will be able to integrate these NFTs.
- Blockchain game: Though the team has not revealed much information about this roadmap item, they have a plan to launch a play-to-earn game featuring the Keys to the Metaverse NFTs.

While hundreds of new NFT collections launch everyday, the Keys to the Metaverse NFTs stand out very unique. It is definitely one of the best Metaverse NFT tokens to own in 2022. And as the NFT market and the Metaverse reach new heights, this project will see tremendous potential.

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