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TPI and NJK Precision showcase a holistic IAQ solution at AHR Expo 2022 demonstrating that “volume matters”

At the AHR Expo 2022 TPI and NJK Precision will present a combined air quality and measurement solution destined for widespread adoption

This formation of a strategic partnership between NJK Precision and TPI represents an important innovation within the HVAC industry. Both companies have proven air quality technologies”
— Kevin Hein, President of NJK Precision
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2022 / -- At this year’s AHR Expo (Las Vegas | Jan 31-Feb 2, 2022), Top Product Innovations (TPI) and NJK Precision come together (booth C6815) to announce a combined solution that provides HVAC firms with a powerful customer offering comprising of both advanced air quality and precise airflow management.

Combining the fresher, cleaner air capabilities provided by Phenomenal Aire™, through its advanced Needlepoint Clusters™ technology, with the new airflow measuring solution from NJK Precision, enables HVAC firms to differentiate their own market offering through advanced human comfort and air quality, reduced operating costs, and improved environmental performance.

According to Alan Rosenberg, CEO at TPI “Bringing together a best-in-class IAQ solution with a highly innovative airflow management solution delivers better overall environmental building control and reduced costs. HVAC systems which incorporate advanced indoor air quality technologies that focus on measuring and cleaning indoor air offer the greatest benefit to building occupants and greatest ROI for building owners. The partnership between TPI and NJK Precision delivers real value in this area.”

Kevin Hein, President of NJK Precision, also recognized the importance of this partnership “This formation of a strategic partnership between NJK Precision and TPI represents an important innovation within the HVAC industry. Both companies have proven air quality technologies. Combining the benefits of TPI’s Needlepoint Clusters™ approach to air quality with NJK Precision’s patented Dual-Chambered air-sampling technology allows us to outmaneuver the competition by providing a unique and comprehensive customer solution.”

About TPI
Founded in 2012, TPI has become a market leader in the provision of IAQ solutions within HVAC systems that can be fitted both within new HVAC systems or retrofitted into existing systems.

Its flagship IAQ product, Phenomenal Aire™, produces ions to clean indoor air. The ions are generated by Needlepoint Clusters™ and released into the HVAC airstream. As the ions come in contact with particles they become bonded together. This process is known as agglomeration. The process occurs repeatedly. Particulates join to become clusters of particulates. Each time a particulate joins a cluster, the cluster grows making it easier to capture and filter from the air. The Phenomenal Aire™ range cleans air without creating harmful levels of ozone or other byproducts.

About NJK Precision
NJK Precision products are designed to provide maximum accuracy and reliability. Reading accurately down to extremely low flows, this precision allows users to control fresh air intake volumes even when supply fan speeds are decreased. NJK Precision products are ideal additions for existing buildings or new construction. Taking inspiration from proven aviation and automotive technologies, they are designed for easy assembly and installation.

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