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Novel Follows Trans Vigilante Who Exacts "Blind Justice"

Blind Justice

Blind Justice

James Bridgwater's thriller follows dark hero’s war on molesters, bankers, corrupt celebrities

UNITED KINGDOM, January 13, 2022 / -- After experiencing abuse and trauma as a child, Mark Wilson developed split personalities and psychosomatic blindness, but he has not let these challenges stop him from exacting "Blind Justice '' upon wrongdoers. James Bridgwater's novel follows this unlikely hero who goes on a crusade against villains ordinarily shielded from accountability due to their positions of power.

Wilson has two things in this world, a guide dog called Willow and a dark secret. The vigilante named Blind Justice is a trans avenger who targets pedophiles, corrupt celebrities and bankers. Now those who otherwise evade accountability, whose dark deeds go unseen by society, face a reckoning. The vigilante is on a crusade and will not stop, no matter the cost. Yet Blind Justice does not act alone, he is aided by his one remaining friend from childhood: Rocket Queen, who works in a drag act in New York. The vigilante gains confidence as he continues his mission and accumulates more successes - and as more despicable souls meet their rightful ends. But Blind Justice's crusade does not go unnoticed, soon he gains a nemesis - Detective Inspector Tracy Hansard, whose view of justice, peace and order is framed by the law.

While “Blind Justice” is a tale of a vigilante crusader, it touches on relevant, sensitive and critical topics such as mental wellness, recovery from trauma and abuse, as well as injustices, inequality and oppression. As Bridgwater says: "I'm trying to teach people about mental health and not to judge a book by its cover. Both having been significant things in my past."

About the Author
James Bridgwater immersed himself in reading and writing as he grew up in a one parent family with no siblings, passing time at boarding school over the weekends and eschewing sports. He taught English as a foreign language, used limericks to introduce Hungarian students to the joys of English poetry writing, and had short stories printed in Static Movement anthologies Comes the Night 2011 and Evil in Flight 2012. Bridgwater has done poems and short pieces in local magazines. But his successes are his novel "Masterstroke" in 2013 and his autobiography, "Confessions of an Emotional Shipwreck." He has turned "Blind Justice'' into a screenplay and aims to make it a film. Bridgwater has been interviewed by Kate Delaney for America Tonight and listed in Publisher's Weekly magazine in 2020.

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