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Beacon Media + Marketing Releases Guide on How to Design a Website for Mental Health Clinics

Mental Health Website Design

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / -- Beacon Media + Marketing released a guide that gives five steps on how to have an effective website design for a mental health clinic. The website design is a crucial part to gaining potential clients.

Booking an appointment should be the last place the potential clients land. The website should have all of the information needed to know about a clinic, like services, specialties, hours, testimonials, and therapist staff. There are five easy steps to follow to create a website for a mental health clinic.

The guide explains that the first step is to brainstorm the overall goals of the clinic and what the website will do to aide in that. Ensure that there is a brand that has a concrete logo, font, colors, and visual assets – these are essential for knowing how the website should look.

Then when drawing the design, there are two things to consider: a sitemap and a wireframe. A sitemap is a flowchart of what is wanted on the website. This would include the navigation menu with a home page, about us, services, blog, and contact us page.

The wireframe is simply a drawing of what each page to look like. Elements for each page would have headers, images, content boxes, buttons, and form fields.

The website content should use SEO keywords, attention-grabbing headlines, and engaging language.

With everything mapped out, the website can be developed. Begin with a software like WordPress, and choose the launch package that is appropriate. Then add in colors, images, and the website content.

Now that everything is done, the mental health clinic website can be launched. It’s a good idea to double-check each page and use all popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) to visit the website. Also, check the mobile version on a smartphone to ensure everything looks fine.

Beacon Media + Marketing digs deep when helping mental health clients discover their brand. They always start the branding process with a conversation with their clients, asking the right questions to understand the “why” behind their work and what value they bring to their patients. People interested in growing their mental health brand can access the Beacon Media + Marketing website for more information.

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