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Shalom Weiss Personally Thanks Former President Trump for Saving his Life

S. Weiss & R. Neuhaus

Western Wall

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, January 11, 2022 / -- Former President Donald J. Trump met with Shalom Weiss and his daughter, Mrs. Rivky Neuhaus, on Monday, January 10th, at Mar-a-Lago.

Mr. Weiss and his daughter expressed their deep appreciation for the former President’s compassionate commutation of Mr. Weiss’s 845-year sentence to time served. Mrs. Neuhaus, who is an artist, presented the former President with a portrait she created of him at the Western Wall, the ancient holy site in Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr. Weiss was sentenced in 2000 to the longest white-collar money laundering sentence in history, and released on January 20th, 2021 by the former President’s compassionate actions under his broad “pardon powers.”

Mr. Weiss became seriously ill while in prison. Shortly after he returned home, he suffered from a stroke. It is the belief of his doctors that the former President saved his life when he released him from prison.

Mr. Weiss’ case is extraordinary, involving the United Nations, European Court of Human Rights, and the Republic of Austria. Austria found that his extreme sentence was a violation of human dignity, and three separate Austrian Chancellors wrote three U.S. Presidents, asking for his commutation. His case also involved Rabbi Arthur Scheiner, Austria's Chief Rabbi Chaim Eisenberg, attorney Jay Sekulow, professor Alan Dershowitz, professor Roger Plunk, numerous senators and congressman from both parties and many other notable persons fighting for his release.

Mr. Weiss made full restitution which President Trump noted in his pardon.

Statement by Mrs. Neuhaus:

“On behalf of myself, my 4 siblings, our spouses and about 40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we present this painting as a small token of our respect for the former President and appreciation for returning the patriarch of our family back to us.

A few short weeks after his joyful homecoming, my father suffered a stroke. Thank G-d my father was with his family, and he was able to get to a hospital in record time. The doctors said that had he not received the lifesaving treatment as quickly as he did, my father would not be here with us today.

The Talmud says that one who saves a life, it's as if he saved the whole world. For our family, our father is the world, and so for us, you have quite literally saved our entire world.

The images of the President praying at the Western Wall evoke strong emotion. It is clear from the expression on his face that he has the weight, of not only the US on his shoulders, but of the whole world, and He turns to the Master of the world to guide his steps.

In his time in office, Mr. Trump has demonstrated true leadership, courage and integrity. We pray that G-d grant Mr. Trump many more years of good health and the ability to continue using his prodigious talents to benefit mankind.”

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