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SHOPKHOJ provides a comprehensive guide to Indian jewellery shopping

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SHOIPKHOJ delivers a dedicated portal to jewellery shopping in India, arming the discerning visitor with all tools necessary on their search(khoj)

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, January 10, 2022 / -- Trying to find that perfect piece of jewellery for different occasions can be exciting while also overwhelming. Navigating through different choices, understanding what’s what and most importantly where to find those pieces can leave one feeling frustrated and exhausted. Shopkhoj provides a solution through a dedicated portal designed to provide the visitor with a wealth of information on Indian jewellery along with a list of shops that sell these pieces.

Jewellery holds a magic and allure like no other object. This is true universally throughout the world and through the ages. Whether in Victorian times or modern, in royalty and upper classes or the common man, for weddings/engagements or parties, for gift giving to make someone feel special (especially for Valentine’s day which is round the corner) or just to feel good about oneself – the quest to find that perfect piece of jewellery that enhances one’s life speaks not just to reinforcing one’s position, but also to that aspirational quality that it possesses. Jewellery was worn also by priests and to adorn deities in different parts of the world.

Wearing jewellery – gemstones, gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and other unique material – to enhance one’s image/beauty is again found throughout the ages and universally. While historically this was more prevalent in women and men in the upper class/royalty, the trend towards men wearing and acquiring more jewellery has seen a significant growth (Men’s jewellery is trending genderless in 2022 according to Forbes). In short, the market for jewellery is exploding.

Shopkhoj presents a way to understanding and exploring what is available in India. Indian jewellery is unique due to the range and craftsmanship of what is available. While India carries pieces commonly available and worn throughout the world (e.g. bracelets, pendants, etc.), there are some pieces that are truly unique to India and that are gaining worldwide popularity. For example the Maang Tikka( and Jhoomar ( are uniquely Indian and are head ornaments worn by brides,( )as well as by classical dancers. Nose rings, anklets in silver and armlets are also uniquely Indian.

Each region in India boasts distinct jewellery that is closely associated with that region. For example, Kasu Malai (garland of coins)( and udyanam/Kamarbandh ( are uniquely South Indian. Meenakari jewellery, polki and Kundan are more typically from the North of India.

In addition to gold, silver and gemstone jewellery, fashion (or costume) jewellery is also very popular in India. There is an explosion in the availability of contemporary designs and online shopping. While the choices have increased dramatically, navigating the maze, and finding trusted sources can be daunting. Shopkhoj gives you access to a wealth of information, including on the different techniques/materials, lists of different choices available to buy as well as shops that sell the pieces you want to explore. Detailed and extensive product glossary, reviews of shops, maps and location information provide the user with a complete and easy search experience. For example detailed information is available on Jaipur Jewellery shops, Bangalore jewellery shops and top 6 jewellery online stores (

About Section

Shopkhoj is the #1 guide to shopping in India. There is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to what is available to shop for in India – from materials, to fabrics, to handicrafts, jewellery, and much much more. It can be overwhelming to navigate all that India has to offer.

Shopkhoj provides users with easy to use tools enhancing their shopping search experience. Users can access product glossaries, history, culture, specialties unique to different cities, as well as detailed information on markets and shops within cities. Understand where the best markets are located, and the best products in each of the markets. We currently have information on 7 different cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pondicherry and Jaipur), but hope to expand this list to more. In addition to information about local flavors, read about the shopping malls where users can find international brands, the best entertainment zones, and dining options.

Shopping blogs and videos take you on an inside journey to what’s available. Our search functions allow a user to search by category, price range, products, and much more. We have searched the markets across the cities to bring you a guide – from which shops have the best Quality, the best Price, the Fabrics, where you can Custom-design your wedding outfits, where you can find tailors to fit your style .

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