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Experts and travellers reveal best-kept travel secrets in 2022

Japan, Italy, and adventure trips are high up on the list, both in the expert-authored guidebook as well as based on the results of a recent survey

We want readers to have access to carefully selected expert opinions as well as ideas from their peers - travelling in 2022 will be highly individual & personalised & so should travel information be.”
— Rene Frey, CEO

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 5, 2022 / -- When it comes to recommending where to travel in 2022, travel authority Rough Guides is as eager to hear the views of its readers, as it is to publish recommendations from travel experts. This year, as well as producing an expert-authored guide to the 100 Best Places on Earth to visit in 2022, Rough Guides asked readers to share their travel plans for the year.

Rough Guides reader survey The Rough Guide to 2022

In a recent survey, Rough Guides asked readers about their travel preferences for 2022.

After two years of limited travel, it is obvious that the industry and travellers worldwide are eagerly looking to make plans for 2022.

- Japan was selected the dream destination if money was no object and Italy as a more realistic travel destination
- 38% declared adventure as a priority for their next trip, closely followed by 33% opting for a city break
- While remote work may be here to stay, 70% prefer a clean cut between holidays and work - no email checking while heading to the next adventure
- Over 50% stated that travel is good for their mental health, making trips taking a priority in 2022

Rough Guides experts’ travel recommendations for 2022

Additionally, Rough Guides’ coffee table book ‘The Rough Guide to the 100 Best Places on Earth in 2022’ reveals a carefully curated selection of travel destinations including:

- Samarkand in Uzbekistan for its architecture and art as well as historical significance
- Madagascar for its unique biodiversity
- Pembrokeshire in Wales to reconnect with nature
- Easter Island, Chile, for its unforgettable travel experiences far off the well-trodden path

Rough Guides CEO René Frey says “We’re confident that travel will recover significantly in 2022 and with the Internet providing an information overload, curated content is more necessary than ever. At Rough Guides, we want to make sure that our readers have access to carefully selected expert opinions as well as ideas from their peers - travelling in 2022 will be highly individual and personalised and so should travel information be. The lists are a mix of old-time favourites as well as up-and-coming destinations and travel themes, guaranteed to make travellers excited about getting out there again.”

With restrictions loosening, the world is looking for a travel-intense 2022. Read more on the Best Places on Earth to visit in 2022 as well as our readers’ survey on The Rough Guide to 2022.

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