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Steven David Rosov, founder of Vosor, brings a taste of home to Palm Beach with his newest movie script: Dedham

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2022 / -- Steven David Rosov, founder and CEO of Vosor is excited about this latest project which will bring his roots to his new home.

While Vosor may be a smaller, boutique company specializing in video production and post-production, it also offers a large array of services. David Steven Rosov has experience in scriptwriting for commercials, theater, television, and feature film. Additionally, Steven also has experience with directing. Therefore, Vosor is able to provide a full-service, one-stop shop for anyone looking to create any form of media, from top-quality commercials to plays, television shows, and even full-length movies. A huge benefit of working with Steven David is that his overhead costs are lower than many of the huge corporations and he is furthermore able to pass those savings on to his clients.

When Steven was presented with an opportunity to develop a feature-length script, he was extremely excited about the opportunity to bring a taste of home in the small village of Dedham to his new home in Palm Beach, Florida. The movie will be centered around a woman, Emma, who has moved from Dedham to Palm Beach and is adjusting to her new life after marrying a man, Christopher, whom she then finds out is disgustingly rich. Emma cannot adjust to life in a 3,000 square foot house with 2 maids, her own personal assistant, and a personal chef in Palm Beach, and she increasingly misses Dedham until she eventually convinces Christopher to move back there with her. The movie will include humorous scenes where Emma is attempting to navigate foreign concepts to her in her new "rich" life along with charming scenes of Dedham that will make anyone fall in love with the picturesque landscape and wish to move there themselves. It is a story that will tug on the heartstrings and teach that family, love, and contentment are all more important than wealth and possessions. Steven is hoping to wrap up filming by the end of 2022.

About Steven David Rosov and Vosor

Steven David Rosov was born and reared in the small, picturesque village of Dedham in Essex, England. David Steven Rosov grew up surrounded by breathtaking vistas that were the inspiration for John Constable, Britain's greatest landscape artist, from the time of his birth until he was twelve years old. When he was twelve, Steven's father was offered a position in the United States and the family relocated there. Steven David spent the majority of his adolescent and young adult years with his family in Miami, Florida, before relocating north to Palm Beach, Florida.

Young Steven David Rosov, despite growing up in such a small village, had a strong desire to go on adventures. Every birthday and holiday, he begged his parents for audio-visual equipment and props so that he could make home videos for his friends and family. A constant stream of friends and family members were enlisted to collaborate with him on multi-part films, which he would then edit on his computer with impressive skill and precision.

Steven was determined to take advantage of any video production classes or courses that were available to him throughout high school and college. He was accepted into Florida International University, where his studies in film and video production were pursued. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in video production after completing his studies.

Vosor recently completed a television pilot that he intends to pitch to television networks. A new reality television show, "Lucky," will follow one man's journey through the $60 billion-a-year personal luxury car industry, where life can be both surreal and rewarding, according to the show's description.

Steven David Rosov is also involved in charitable endeavors in the county of Palm Beach. His participation in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raises money for research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), takes place every year (ALS). Vosor, the company founded by Steven David Rosov, is a strong supporter of causes such as cancer research and children's charities. For more information, visit or see Steven's interviews in Inspirery or Ideamensch.

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