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Athlete Career Placement launches Virtual Career Event to keep up with demand

Athlete Career Placement brings current and former student athletes and leading employers together in this one-of-a-kind Virtual Career Event.

From The Locker Room to The Conference Room

With significant interest by student athletes and employers, the Next Play Career Event creates meaningful connections to meet with career and hiring goals.

It’s no different than in college athletics, the right person needs to be in the right position with the right team. When that happens, everyone wins.”
— Jason Snider, President, Athlete Career Placement
ELLICOTT CITY, MD, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2022 / -- Athlete Career Placement is leveraging its unique and intimate relationships with an enhanced virtual experience to create meaningful connections. This completely mobile-optimized experience uses cutting edge technology to create a feature-rich experience. ACP has made a significant investment in technology to enhance its growing relationships with current and former student athletes, athletic academic advisors, coaches and corporations.

“While we do our best to personally engage with every candidate, we have seen an increased need to support emerging graduates as well as hundreds of thousands of graduates over the past few years. It’s been a unique couple of years, and we do everything we can to match the best candidates with the right role at the right company,” says ACP’s President, Jason Snider, “It’s no different than in college athletics, the right person needs to be in the right position with the right team. When that happens, everyone wins.”

The Next Play Career Event goes live on January 20, 2022 at 10am EST. The user interface and overall user experience was developed with accessibility in mind. It starts with an engaging lobby where automated queues and discoverable career booths match the desires of the candidates and opportunities with employers. These employers already understand and value the intangibles behind the candidates. Current and former student athletes that bring teamwork, coachability, work ethic, accountability and dedication. While pre-answered questions and one-to-on texting allows the participants to narrow focus, the experience is enhanced on-the-fly with seamless transition to video conversations without leaving the event. The technology continues to move the conversation forward in an efficient yet meaningful way.

Making the first contact with candidates online increases the likelihood of pushing candidates further down the funnel, and ultimately into hires. The majority of candidates today are digital natives and more likely to engage online than in person. By making it easier to join and removing geographic and timing constraints, access is expanded to reach a broader audience overall. From there, organizations have the ability to target for niche hiring. The exposure to a specialized talent pool with unique skills, help organizations get a leg up on the competition.

Lifelong athletes are hardworking, embrace teamwork, think critically, exhibit discipline and are driven to succeed. Companies across the country benefit from actively recruiting former college athletes to build their bench of talent. The entire team at ACP is passionate about helping talented athletes set out on the path to success and is equally passionate about helping clients attract and hire these driven candidates. The Next Play Career Event is the first of many advanced initiatives to support the company’s mission of leveraging the skills and values of lifetime athletes to match them with employers for successful careers.

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Athlete Career Placement ( is a corporate recruiting firm that places degree-holding college athletes with top national employers, coaching them through their transition into a career in business. Leveraging old-fashioned relationship-building, personalized coaching and AI-driven technology, ACP matches the best candidate for every open role, ensuring total alignment with the organization’s needs, goals and culture.

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Next Play Career Event 1/20/2022 - Athlete Career Placement