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JelikaLite Launches Crowdfunding Investment Campaign via StartEngine

JelikaLite Cognilum™ prototype

Clinical Trials Show JelikaLite’s Innovated Wearable Device May Reduce Symptoms of Autism in Young Children

Autism is a serious developmental disorder that lasts a lifetime. We believe that children on the spectrum can lead fulfilling and productive lives. That is why JelikaLite is developing Cognilum™.”
— Katya Sverdlov, CEO of JelikaLite
NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 27, 2021 / -- NEW YORK, December 27, 2021 – JelikaLite is pleased to announce the launch of its StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign for Cognilum™, a non-invasive wearable photobiomodulation device aimed at increasing the well-being of children living with autism. Through Cognilum™, JelikaLite seeks to improve a child's autism symptoms through gains in communication and daily living skills.

Equity crowdfunding gives the general public the opportunity to invest in startup companies in return for equity in the company. StartEngine’s equity crowdfunding platform bridges the gap between potential investors and entrepreneurs.
JelikaLite completed its Phase 1 FDA-regulated double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial for Cognilum™ titled “Transcranial Photobiomodulation for Reducing Autism Symptoms in Children” in October 2021. The trial showed both safety and efficacy of using transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM).

According to Katya Sverdlov, CEO of JelikaLite, “Autism is a serious developmental disorder that lasts a lifetime. JelikaLite believes that children on the spectrum can lead fulfilling and productive lives.
That is why JelikaLite is developing Cognilum™, an innovative medical solution to permanently reduce a child's autism symptoms, enabling better integration into society and reducing lifetime costs.”

Cognilum™ is an intelligent medical device, which combines non-invasive brain stimulation with near-infrared light, EEG sensors and an AI personalization platform.

The non-invasive wearable device provides neurostimulation through transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) while also measuring the brains’ electrophysiological activity through EEG. The software platform monitors the child’s developmental trajectory, warns parents and doctors about any set-backs, and personalizes treatments.

Cognilum™ will enable children with autism to integrate into society, while offering their parents access to a home-based, easy-to use, cost-effective treatment. It will allow parents and children to have less stressful, more predictable and more fulfilling lives. Both payors and the government will benefit by being able to spend less money on special education and lifelong residential care.

Based on trial data, the benefit is expected to be a significant improvement of a child's autism symptoms, as demonstrated by gains in communication and daily living skills, potentially resulting in over $1MM in lifetime savings over an individual's cost of autism.

Through the first round of the StartEngine campaign, JelikaLite aims to raise funds to keep developing and promoting its Cognilum™ product, For more information, please visit

About JelikaLite:

Based in New York, JelikaLite was launched in 2019 to develop Cognilum™, an innovative solution to permanently reduce children's autism symptoms, enabling better integration into society and reducing lifelong costs. Cognilum is a data-device integrated system, where a wearable therapeutic medical device is combined with an AI personalization platform.
Cognilum™ is a home-based, wearable device that delivers AI-enabled non-invasive neurostimulation treatment through transcranial photobiomodulation.
The Company has been founded and run by a multidisciplinary team, with experts in autism clinical therapy, transcranial photobiomodulation, commercialization of medical devices, artificial intelligence, product management, and finance . More information:

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