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ECIMOS vs Carrier Global: Stephen G Olita Sues District Judge Jon P McCalla for Kowtowing to Carrier, who owes him $32 M

Portrait Picture of Owner of HVAC/R Industries Integrated Process Control System stolen by Carrier Global

Stephen G. Olita President ECIMOS, LLC

Live Production Picture of ECIMOS A/C Rapid Testing System in use since 1994 and stolen by HVAC/R Industry leader Carrier Global

Carrier Global Shareholder Picture touting ECIMOS A/C Testing System shown "live" in Production

ECIMOS v Carrier Global portrait of a robed Judge Jon P McCalla

Judge Jon P McCalla

Judge McCalla’s 3 year post-verdict behavior is disturbing, and his Circuit Court bosses ordered six-month administrative leave for counseling did not work.

Carrier Global is only the tip of the alleged HVAC/R industry IP theft ring iceberg. Johnson Controls, Lennox Industries International, Rheem Manufacturing and others in tag along cases will follow.”
— Stephen G. Olita, President ECIMOS, LLC.
ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, December 25, 2021 / -- ECIMOS, LLC, President Stephen G. Olita announces that he has personally sued Tennessee District Judge Jon P. McCalla and is citing civil rights violations in his demand for $32 Million in damages.

In 2015 Olita’s company, sued Carrier Global, Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, for copyright infringement and improper use of ECIMOS’ 27 Million lines of Air Conditioner testing software-code and for the improper re-purposing of his company's manufactured 20,000 square feet of assembled-hardware system used by Carrier in its Collierville, TN A/C assembly plant beginning in 1992. Then on July 6, 2018 in Judge McCalla’s court, a jury ruled in favor of ECIMOS, awarding it $7.5 Million. On August 21, 2020 the guilty verdict was affirmed by the 6th Circuit Court in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Olita asserts in his December 8, 2021 lawsuit that Judge McCalla’s 3 year post-verdict behavior is disturbing coming from anyone much less a federal officer entrusted with enforcing the laws of the United States.

Civil Rights Allegedly Denied Mr. Olita by Judge McCalla

• 1st Amendment – Right of Free Speech

Mr. Olita’s right to free speech was abridged when he was silenced by Judge McCalla’s post-verdict protective order.

• 5th Amendment–Takings Clause “Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

Judge McCalla seized Mr. Olita’s property and provided it to Carrier for its benefit and his court’s financial benefit, with zero punitive just compensation paid to Mr. Olita.

• 7th Amendment – Inhibits courts from overturning a jury’s finding of fact:

Judge McCalla overturned a jury's finding of fact, the guilty verdict and its affirmed 2.2% profit assessment and ruled that zero was what Carrier would perpetually owe Olita to continue with its theft of his property.

Mr. Olita will call Heather Bierbrodt, of Arlington, TN, the 2018 jury foreperson to provide testimony against Judge McCalla since he overturned her findings and to warn future jurors asked to serve in his court. She is Manager of Operations at Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare in Germantown, TN.

Carrier Global the world's largest air conditioner manufacturer is being represented by Kirkland and Ellis the world’s largest law firm.

Mr. Olita’s filing evidences, 110 months of profit disgorgement, and counting, is owed to him by U.S. Statute Title 17—Copyrights U.S. Code § 504b. It additionally states that Carrier’s post-verdict behavior has evidenced that it has a 100% profit earning dependency on Olita’s property and therefore all of its Collierville, Tennessee factory’s $1.6 Billion in profits for those 110 months should be paid to ECIMOS and not just the adjudicated and affirmed 2.2% portion, which has left a $ 32 Million balance owing.

The 38 page complaint was filed pro se in the Western District of Tennessee and has been assigned Case ID 2:21-CV-02763-JTF-tmp that includes a notation citing the related ECIMOS, LLC vs Carrier Case 2:15-CV-02726-JPM-cgc.

In a follow up article to his JUDGE MCCALLA GETS TASTE OF JUDICIAL MEDICINE article entitled MCCALLA PUT ON LEAVE dateline August 29, 2001 John Branston with the Memphis Flyer publication wrote: The Memphis Flyer has learned that a special investigating committee of the Judicial Council of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, after meeting in closed session Wednesday with U.S. District Judge Jon McCalla has placed Judge McCalla on six-month administrative leave during which he will receive “behavioral counseling” for “improper and intemperate conduct” toward lawyers appearing before him.

Mr. Olita alleges that the same intemperate behavior has been covertly inflicted towards him as a former-litigant before Judge McCalla’s court but in this instance not verbally but by deceptively worded orders that are still no less expositive of troubled thinking by a judicial officer.

Mr. Olita in his complaint attempted to sum up his last 3 years of dealing with Judge McCalla’s troubling behavior by his offering of an analogy that is absurd on its face and otherwise could not be fathomed unless witnessed.

Judge McCalla’s post-verdict ruling is tantamount to not immediately incarcerating but releasing the convicted criminal upon the public, then to force his victim to assist in his rehabilitation by continuing to allow him uncompensated use of his stolen property and to serve as his parole officer, pro bono. Then force the wealthy criminal to pay the Court $500,000 for its leniency.


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